Green Skincare is Awesome? Yah I know.

Another Beauty personality(s) is falling in love with green skin care and we’re all over here like…yah duh.

This time it’s Kypris!

KYPRIS is a luxurious line of holistic, high-performance skin care boasting organic, wild crafted, and sustainably grown botanicals for gorgeous skin and an ecstatic experience of your unique Beauty.

All formulations are 100% natural and nature-derived, scented and preserved with essential oils and plant extracts, packaged in glass, and never tested on animals.

Kypris is Luxe.

in ingredients

in experience

… in price


I myself splurged one day before I had a child when I didn’t spend money on things like poop liners and pureed zuchinni, bananas, and amaranth.

You should splurge on what’s important to you, skin care is to me…especially the stuff that’s going to sink is and do some serious work…purses , NOPE (The last purse I bought was not purchased in this decade and was from TJMaxx.

To each there own…I guess people say ‘you do you’ now…


I actually ran out of it this morning and I’m in mourning. I love this oil and after nurturing my face through that cluster of pregnancy and post-natal hormones it’s gone on to a better place.

YOU WILL BE MISSED Kypris Beauty Elixir!!!

But two non-green beauty lovers are swooning over this new-to-them brand and it’s Caroline Hirons and Lily Pebbles.

Worry not my rehabers! Caroline is giving some away!! That’s right, part of her Christmas  giveaway series includes Kypris.

(then send some more beauty elixir III to me because I’m close to tears)

Head over to those links to hear the great things they have to say, and if you want to treat yo’ self (RIP P&R) you can do it at Credo Beauty or Citrine Natural Beauty.