Green Skincare is Awesome? Yah I know.

Another Beauty personality(s) is falling in love with green skin care and we’re all over here like…yah duh.

This time it’s Kypris!

KYPRIS is a luxurious line of holistic, high-performance skin care boasting organic, wild crafted, and sustainably grown botanicals for gorgeous skin and an ecstatic experience of your unique Beauty.

All formulations are 100% natural and nature-derived, scented and preserved with essential oils and plant extracts, packaged in glass, and never tested on animals.

Kypris is Luxe.

in ingredients

in experience

… in price


I myself splurged one day before I had a child when I didn’t spend money on things like poop liners and pureed zuchinni, bananas, and amaranth.

You should splurge on what’s important to you, skin care is to me…especially the stuff that’s going to sink is and do some serious work…purses , NOPE (The last purse I bought was not purchased in this decade and was from TJMaxx.

To each there own…I guess people say ‘you do you’ now…


I actually ran out of it this morning and I’m in mourning. I love this oil and after nurturing my face through that cluster of pregnancy and post-natal hormones it’s gone on to a better place.

YOU WILL BE MISSED Kypris Beauty Elixir!!!

But two non-green beauty lovers are swooning over this new-to-them brand and it’s Caroline Hirons and Lily Pebbles.

Worry not my rehabers! Caroline is giving some away!! That’s right, part of her Christmas  giveaway series includes Kypris.

(then send some more beauty elixir III to me because I’m close to tears)

Head over to those links to hear the great things they have to say, and if you want to treat yo’ self (RIP P&R) you can do it at Credo Beauty or Citrine Natural Beauty.


YouTube + Green Beauty

Last weeks post garnered a ton of attention since I’m one of the best bloggers east of the Mississippi.  I’ve have actually never made a more sarcastic statement than that one…maybe ever.  It’s because I talked about incredible makeup artist Wayne Goss, and then tweeted it, and he REPLIED AND RETWEETED (fangirling) and some of his followers graciously wasted precious minutes of their lives they will never get back on me.

WHICH I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL FOR.  It’s pretty hard to feel 9.5 months pregnant and super cool.

It did however spark a topic I thought I’d share which is my Favorite Youtube + Green Beauty vloggers/channels

A few things before we get started:

First,  I give props to anyone, bad or good, who puts themselves out of YouTube, it’s scary and you subject yourself to trolls and people who generally suck at life.

Second, I wont disclose who the terrible vloggers, or makeup people are. No reason to bring people down and to be fair, who the hell cares. So what if they choose a foundation shade that’s 4 colors off their face and 3 off their neck? ain’t hurting anyone.

Finally, for some reason YouTube suggested I watch the channel RawBrahs…youtube is apparently the Netflix of the internet. Unless the RawBrahs start interviewing Amy Poehler or Ruth Bader Ginsberg, I don’t want to watch their channel (they could be awesome human beings, but YouTube might want to fix the algorithm that came up with that answer.


On To the Vloggers
(no Particular Order!



Teri Miyahira – I like Teri for two reasons, 1.) her and I apparently have the same coloring, so it’s great to see what the makeup will look like on her for a good read on how it will look like on me (apparently I’m partly Asian) and 2.) She will tell you everything you want to know about a product.  Ever watch a video and the person is like “it’s great go get it!” no matter what’s on their face? It’s annoying and I never know if I should trust it.  Teri will talk about all pros/cons side effects, why she chose it, why she uses it, how she uses it, etc.  The videos are not short on information, but you trust her opinions.

Favorite Video:





makeupTIA – Ashley is a blogger with a mix of super clean and not as clean products, so depending on how green you go you may not be able to use ALL of her reviews.  What I like a lot about her is that she always has great looks that have at least some super clean products in them and are the perfect balance of “made up” and natural looking.  Her color choices are spot on, the amount of product she uses is spot on and she’s a great reference for those who like makeup but dont want to wear 75 layers of something.

Favorite Video:





Oxana124 – The main reason I like Oxana is that she reviews and demos brands that you don’t normally see on the blog/vlog circuit.  They’re all green brands that we’ve seen before and are curious about, but don’t see a ton of reviews for, so you’re always curious, but never buy, because you don’t want to spend the money for a bad product.  She really tests out everything you’re curious about in green beauty which I love.

Favorite Video:





SunKissAlba – While this is a lifestyle vlog, my favorites are the beauty tutorials.  Her look is STUNNING, don’t watch her during that time of the month unless you have way more confidence than I do when eating Nutella in extra large sweatpants; and she uses mostly very clean products, of course depending on your level of cleanliness, some of the products you won’t choose to use, but She has some of the best Alima Pure tutorials I’ve seen online.

Favorite Video:





l’amour et la musique – I like this vlog because  I don’t feel like I’ve seen the look or a lot on YouTube where everyone can blend in. Her beauty is unique and interesting.  I also like her tutorials and reviews because she’s a great product reviewer, not just a green beauty reviewer. Sometimes green beauty means taking jojoba oil and mixing with crushed flower petals and chanting.  There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just not my jam,  I’m happy to let the green beauty geniuses behind the brands do their thing and she’s the same way.  Additionally she will use some conventional beauty products so again she’s mostly green but not 100% and you just have to know your line.

Favorite Video:





CloudyApples – I will say this, being pretty and funny don’t often go hand in hand, they don’t have to. They’re both powerful tools for a woman and if she’s pretty she typically doesn’t have to put in the effort for funny.  Additionally, funny is very hard to do on YouTube. Sometimes you see women who are trying to be funny and they’re just making fish faces and being vaguely insulting people. Kassie is totally awesome, beautiful, and I think one of the best “funny” beauty bloggers out there , not an easy task.  Her site is really a lifestyle blog as well but most of her products are green , including her lifestyle stuff, she doesn’t take herself too seriously and she seems like a genuine and fun person.

Favorite Video:





Citrine Natural Beauty Bar – This is a video channel from the green beauty store based out of Arizona with an online shop as well.  What I love is that all the green brands you read about, they use for great looks and again create looks that are perfect for a makeup lover without being heavy handed or having to compromise on less green products.  It doesn’t hurt that you can say “I love that look” and then turn around and go buy it.

Favorite Video:




holistic habits

holistichabits – Sarah hasn’t had a beauty video in awhile, but she’s like a green Disney Princess.  It’s like if Aurora with her flowing locks, and big eyes, living in the woods just loving life in a beautiful and peaceful way made YouTube videos- it would be this channel. Her products are green, she talks about been green and healthy without being judgmental, and her videos are beautiful.

Favorite Video:



Last but not least, my top 3 “non green” channels



Wayne Goss – I just mentioned him but I love his channel, he’s got tutorials and tips and tricks that always turn out beautiful whether they’re subtle looks or bold looks.  Also, amazingly, watching a man put on makeup is not weird, AT ALL, when I’m watching him.  He’ll put on some makeup to show you a trick and be like “this is what I would wear out” and you’re like “yup me too Wayne” and never once think that it’s strange you just agreed with a man about the level of makeup to wear to the market. SKILLS. Wayne is not green in his makeup choices, but everything he’s done with  ‘dirty’ makeup I’ve done with green and it’s always worked the same.

Favorite Video:



Lisa Eldridge– Her videos are bright and clean, fun and on trend, and always easy to replicate.  She recently became creative director at lancome, which has changed things a bit, but her pre-lancome videos are always fantastic.  One of my favorite things she’s said is “it’s the effect makeup gives you” which I think is pretty spot on.  Is your cat-eye precision like perfect? no but the effect of a mostly perfect cat eye is what counts.  I may be complete taking this out of context…whoops.

Favorite Video:




Caroline Hirons – last but not least is skin guru Caroline Hirons. Again, when you’re this famous and knowledgeable and doing a vlog you don’t have to be funny and personable at the same time, but she is, and it’s wonderful.  It’s humor you laugh at and her reviews and understanding of how skin care works is fantastic.  Again she’s not ‘green’ in her approach, but she’s a big fan and has a lot of feedback on green brands.  Check out which ones here.

Favorite Video:



Have fun watching and I apologize for the hours of your life you will now lose…sorry…



Your New Best Friend

Do You Know Caroline Hirons?!Caroline Hirons Skin Guru and overall Bad Ass

If you don’t. You should.

If it wouldn’t be completely certifiable I would make a shrine to her.

I found her through awesome Canadian green beauty blogger Megan at Seed to Serum.

Here are reason’s to love Caroline and why you should follow her as well:

  • She is hilarious.  It’s skin care knowledge with a side of sarcasm, my favorite meal.  Example:“Use a face flannel and water to remove. Unless you are ALLERGIC TO WATER (which I have heard from clients before – sigh) there is no need to cotton/tissue off. This is 2011 not a Doris Day film. Wash your face people. Imagine only ever using tissue or cotton on your bum. Exactly”


  • She is really responsive to readers questions and comment.  Many times comments are left on blog posts and a writer doesn’t get back to a person (I get it people are busy, it’s hard to respond to , but Caroline responds to MANY and she is a super busy skin care professional.
  • She knows what the hell she’s talking about. Know what I was going the other weekend?

Yup hung out with my dogs under a comforter

Know what she was going the other weekend? prepped skin backstage for a Stella McCartney Show.


Caroline has fantastic information about how to take care of your skin and a great place to start on her website, which can seem overwhelming at first is her cheat sheet guides on the right side of her page, A great place to start:

Top Tips for Great Skin

Caroline often uses conventional skin care products but she does have some great clean options on there that combined with her tips will give you some knock out, HEALTHY, skin.  Here are some of her recommended clean products she mentions:

Tracie Martyn
Black Chicken Remedies
First Aid Beauty
Prtty Peaushun
Aurelia Probiotic Skincare
RMS Beauty
MV organic skincare
Neal’s Yard


So go please please please please please please please please please please please please please please go spend some time with Caroline and get amazing skin. I know my skin is much better when I listen to to her.

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