A Night for Green Beauty

What better day to come back to the blog the A Night For Green Beauty Night?!

ANFGB 2015

Every year for the last two years a large group of the movers and shakers from Green Beauty get together and show new products and commune over delicious food and even better products, and this year will be the best yet!

While I can’t be there this year you should definitely be following along online!!  So if you can’t be in Chicago this year because you also have an infant who will scream the whole time you’re in a shower and then  magically take an hour long nap AFTER you’re about ready to feed her and leave the house…. GIANTSIDEEYETOINFANT…then here’s who you should be following tonight:

@anightforgreenbeauty:  The official instagram account for the event. It includes beautiful pictures of your favorite green beauties and brands and all the going-on’s.


@integritybotanicals:  One of the event sponsors they have great updates on what happening and new products they’re going to offer!


@labellafigurabeauty:  One of the best green beauty brands out there that created this whole shebang!


@sheristroh: Sheri is a professional makeup artist that often uses green brands to create stunning, glowing, looks and will be doing some makeup for a show during the event!


#anfgb: the hashtag for the event from all the awesome people who will be there!


Whether you’re in Chicago for the even (IT’S FREE!!!) or you’re at home living vicariously through instagram be sure to check out, and thanks for coming back to TBR!


Beauty Boxes

How many of you out there use a subscription service?  You know , for a monthly fee you can sign up and have a package delivered to your door filled with a surprise selection of goodies.

This style of service is becoming incredibly popular and lucrative with everything from food, like Blue Apron, to Pet supplies like BarkBox.

Green Beauty is in on the game too.

The best thing about the green beauty/subscription service collab is that it’s one of the best ways to get samples and try new products.   Since there’s no organic Sephora, or organic Macy’s counter you can go an try something on from a heavy handed lady who smells like the inside of a 1990’s magazine…a subscription service is a lot of fun, and easy to try.

I’ve got three options for you today.

  • BirchBox.   I’m sure we’ve heard about this one before, it was one of the first subscription services and home-box-women3reads like a Hollywood movie.  Two attractive Harvard educated women get together with their beauty editor friend and come up with this idea to try products through a mail service and it turns into a giant success. Please excuse me, I’m going to go run 13 miles and read Nietzsche for an hour or so… AND I’M BACK. (It didn’t work btw, don’t do it, I can’t move my legs).  The company focuses really ont he beauty industry as a whole, but as we greenies…green-azons…green-oddesses….know, not all of these products are created equal, not all of the products support women, the environment, and help more than harm your skin.  There is , however, a tiny section on the site called “Ingredient-Conscious Picks” .  There is a range to how clean their products are in this section, from the “ehhhhhhhhhhh you’re one ingredient away from being car wash” to “SAWEET…it’s my favorite brands from Rehab”.  Some of the better brands include Acure Organics, RMS Beauty, 100% Pure and Wild Honey Apothecary.  The best way to use this store is if you’re a weener*…that came out wrong…a go-between , for those toxic products you have a hard time letting go of, but want access to the clean stuff too. *The problem with Birch box is that you can’t control what comes to you, or even how green your picks are, so if you only want green products you can only buy the full sized options.  Better off with Option 2 or 3…
  • $10/month (NY, NJ, MA, TN, and VA sales tax may apply) free shipping and only available outside the US in available in FranceSpain and the UK.


  • Vegan Cuts Beauty Box.  If you’re Vegan, you’ll love this ( admittedly one of the most obvious sentences I’ve ever vegan cuts beauty boxwritten).  Here’s why it’s Vegan for beauty on the outside, and health on the inside!  Even if you aren’t vegan, having a diet that’s pased on non gmo-food, local and ethical meat in small servings, and tons of fruits and veggies, you will not only be healthier on the inside, but on the outside as well.  No matter how hard we try, or commericals yell in our faces, skin is just an organ, you treat it like shit it will look like shit. ANYWAYS. Vegan cuts has a box of food AND a box of beauty products. Not all amazing green beauty products are Vegan, but many of them are, and if you ARE vegan this is a great choice.  It includes many brands like Meow Meow Tweet, Mun, and Pacifica. The down side? It’s an American based company, so Canadians and Swedes (LEGIT SOMEONE FROM SWEDEN READ MY BLOG ONCE…I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THIS IS, I KNOW NO ONE IN SWEDEN, BUT IT WAS AMAAAAAZING), you have to pay $15 shipping on top of the box subscription price.  They also have fashion which include t-shirts with messages for causes on them such as this necklace:00001509_l
  • $19.95 PER MONTH/ free shipping within the US


  • Last , but most certainly not least, the mac-daddy of beauty boxes for the  Green-heads: the timthumbGoodeboxGoodebox only works with thoroughly evaluated, mission based brands committed to using the best, non-toxic ingredients to create innovative, performance based products that respect people, animals & planet. They have like 64 brands , all of which are awesome and clean that they work with, and it’s the only kind of product you’re going to get. They’re boxes don’t just have makeup and skin care, they also have teas, scar cream, soap, smoothie mixes, etc. Another reason why they’re the  mac-daddy?  You know how I slightly obsess over the brand La Bella Figura, well the two of them, along with other great vendors are putting on THE green beauty event of the year this year out in LA This year, ANFGB will be held on Thursday, August 7th at the ultra hip W Hotel Los Angeles-nightforgreenbeautyWestwood, bigger and better to highlight 22 very special niche brands. You will find the crème de la crème in several categories for an intimate and delightful shopping experience you’re unlikely to forget. You will enjoy sipping on California’s premiere juice brand, Pressed Juicery while indulging in our complimentary Mini Mani Nail Station, Organic Makeup Lounge or sampling delectable perfumes from our delicious Scent Bar. Bring your friends and join us for the most exciting beauty party of the year!  The only downside?  This box has been around for awhile, so if you’re just discovering a brand, or product it may not come around again for awhile since they’re constantly trying to keep their selection fresh for the people who have a subscribed for awhile. 
  • $18.00 monthly or every other month



Anyone try one of these services? anyone interested in trying one?


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