This is it my friends! the end, finito, the last post on the nursery where I show you the glamorous pictures and how everything is perfectly.

Let me just say that i appreciate every single person who believed that statement in it’s entirety.

Before I do show you that I do want to talk about one green beauty thing (captive audience muwahahaha) If you have a Whole Foods near you, GET THEE TO A WHOLE FOODS NOW.  They’re having some sales on their skin care and products so I picked some up.  Which I’ll talk about later, but right now, unless you have some serious armpit conditions (no judgement homes) you should get this:

Every morning it smells like a gin and tonic in my arm pits…..upon further review, I may just be missing gin and tonics…

MOVING ON.  Here are the before and after pictures of the Nursery/Guest room!

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A SPECIAL NOTE: my stepfather offered to create a ‘to-do’ list for me when they come to visit when the baby’s born ANY DAY NOW JUNIOR. So here’s what’s on his list.

  • Add two bamboo shades that I already own to the windows
  • Adding a jute rug underneath
  • Hang the tassels above the crib, apparently blue masking tape is both ineffective and ugly. WHATEVER

Door: Bonnet: Family heirloom, Floral paper: Rifle Paper wrapping paper, Shadowbox: Michaels
Bed: craigslist (already owned)
Rug: Urban Outfitters
Dresser:  Ikea Tarva with Sherwin Williams Paint I already owned…damn it, I still forgot to look for the color…Navy-ish?!
Brass knobs: Home Depot
Paint: Sherwin Williams (Snowbound and Dogwood White)
Crib: Davinci Jenny Lind Crib
Art Work: framing at Michaels, prints from my mother after a trip to Costa Rica
Tassels: Studio Mucci


This past weekend , with a burst of energy and bad math I finally got the above the crib decor up, so I thought I’d put a little update on the blog-o.  Here you go!


Check out the rest of the linkers and Pros HERE, it’s all so exciting!!
Thank you so much for following along and your support and hope to see you back here soon!


One Room Challenge…Week 5

You guys, I’m so on my game today!  I had this post written, with pictures taken on Wednesday… WEDNESDAY, a full 24 hours before this post was due.  Because, like I said, I’m totally on my game.


The amount of stuff my brain gets wrong these days would be appalling…if I cared…about anything…at all…ever…other than finishing up this pregnancy.  I’m still looking for those maniacs who love this and actually glow. If you know any send them my way...I HAVE QUESTIONS.

moving along


If you need to catch up:

good? GOOD?

moving right along

Last week I asked what you thought about rugs and I finally pulled the trigger on one, which one you ask? PATIENCE…actually scroll down like two scrolls:

uo rug


That’s right, surprising everyone including myself I ended up going for the 5 x 7 golden one from Urban Outfitters.

Things of note:

  1. Urban Outfitters is an oddly good source for reasonably price rugs.  For example the 8×10 version of this rug is less that $200, and there is a large selection.  I have never ordered from them because I’m not 20 and at coachella, but I’ll let you know on quality. It arrives today.
  2. I haven’t discussed the floor of this room because it was apparently much more important for me to rage about a fish tank, but the rug could fit a larger size in terms of measurement, however the room has floor vents in it that shouldn’t be covered by a rug as well as intake vents that jut out from the baseboards.  So the smaller 5 x 7 rug is a more ideal size for whats visible and what doesn’t cover anything.
  3. Ideally I would have a seagrass or jute rug underneath, but I’d need one that’s 7.5 x 9 which is such a weird size and I only have so much patience for rug searching right now.
Next up:
Adventures in Gold-leafing (yes that’s a verb) a lamp with a billion (give or take) divets in it.

I had the gold leaf lying around from a project a few years ago, as well as THIS LAMP from pier 1.

The plan? To take my extra gold leaf sheets I had lying around and the tiny glue pen and cover the base making it gold.  THEN, covering the teal shade with black fabric, a la THIS tutorial , to produce a DIY version of this lamp:

apparently this lamp is almost $800 …. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…sorry



Attempt one using above-mentioned technique:IMG_0016

Naturally, that technique was not going to last, so finally I just went and got some spray glue for $2.00, sprayed and used whole sheets on the sucker, creating a giant sheet of fly paper on my sunroom carpet as I went.

Additionally, I went into Ross and saw these gray shades for $9.00 and realized that I probably would be spending the same on black fabric, but with much less work! and the grey ties in the curtains.

Plastic is still on in case I want to return


I also took the boob light down and am working on a easy “broke renter” fix, but for right now it looks like this.



Finally, those dumb curtain hooks got a Hail Mary treatment when I put some pre-owned grey curtains up that match the lampshade.


OH I FORGOT!  I went to the basement and went crazy looking the streamers from my Birthday Party from October.  I hadn’t put them away, there was a lot of people helping, so it took me forever to find them, but apparently the best storage container for paper streamers is a beer cooler… HUH.


I’ve thrown them above the crib to try and get them to de-wrinkle and moved them in different patterns with painters tape to see what I like, but I haven’t made an decisions yet.  NO WORRIES. I gots a week!



Last but not least…

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The Ballers


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One Room Challenge…Week 4!!

Welcome back for week 4 of the One Room Challenge!  Week one I unveiled my plan and all the pretty pinterest inspiration rooms I’m taking my own inspiration from,  Week two I showed you the pictures of the space for the nursery/guest room of which I was only slightly embarrassed by: pregnancy = TOO TIRED TO CARE PEOPLE!!  Week 3 I explained my brilliant plant to buy knick-knacks and decor to add to the space BEFORE trying to move everything around and painting it , CAUSE I’M A HOME DECOR GENIUS; and last but not least, this week I finally decided on a paint color and painted the room!!  I have almost narrowed down a rug, but we’ll get to that soon…but first , a lesson in how not to paint a room.

I wanted the paint colors to be appropriate for both a guest room and a nursery, good for sleeping and interesting.  If you remember some of my inspiration pics I really liked bold and color-blocked walls, and when deciding I kept coming back to these two images:

pink and black nursery, it's perfect &  Serene and Elegant Pink Bedroom and Calming Blue Bedroom

So in the end I went for it, a white and pink color blocked room.  How did I decide on which pink to choose?! through a complicated process, I will write it out for you in an easy to follow way though:

  1. go to pinterest.com
  2. search pink Sherwin Williams (my local paint store that was having a sale) nursery
  3. Find ones where the pink doesn’t burn out your retina
  4. google that paint color
  5. Purchase that paint color

I know, I’m so legit at home decor.

Sherwin Williams is 5 minutes from my house and was having a 40% off sale so I went out and purchased 4 samples, 2 whites, and 2 pinks and threw them up on three of the walls to see it in different light.

I was SURE I was going to like Angelic (top pink), but in the end we chose White Dogwood for the pink and the white (which was either just unpigmented paint the bottom white, or Snowbound, on the top) was Snowbound.

Yes I’m aware they pretty much look the same.

We measured where we wanted the white to stop, which was loosely based on the top of the armoires in the room, and my husband went around painting  the top white section.  I OFFERED TO HELP I SWEAR, but teetering around with this belly and relaxin making me uncoordinated in a room filled with furniture gave him heart palpitations so he offered to do it all.

We painted past the measured color block line (we eyed it, not joking, I’m not sure I should be allowed to do home decor), let it dry, and then measured out where we wanted the pink to start 58 centimeters from the ceiling and add painters tape.



Finally I painted the pink on the bottom half of the walls and he finished by painting to the paint line.

If you google when to take the paint line off you find articles that say 10 minutes or 1 hour. THANKS GOOGLE FOR NO HELP WHATSOEVER.  So we decided to do it after 18 minutes.  Actually I forgot to take the paint tap off after 10 and my husband remember after 18. Again, I’M A PRO PEOPLE.  Also, I’m pretty sure I’m going to nail this parenting thing.



So that’s where we are!

Making a final decision on a rug… I’m looking at these options- your thoughts?

Don’t forget to check out people who know what they’re doing HERE ( I see you Swoon Worthy and you pink room with red rug) and other linkers who are way better at this HERE.