profile pic 4<– That’s me! Sue, and I started this blog to spread the word about Green Beauty. Sharing my journey and what I’ve learned along the way.

This is an important part of everyone’s lives: the products we use to take care of, and use on, our bodies.  In the United States the cosmetics industry is not regulated which means that often products that are put into your skin aren’t regulated for the benefit of your health and knowledge, and according to recent studies on average women use 168 ingredients EVERY DAY.  We also know that about 60% of what you put ON your skin, goes IN your skin.  So what you use is important!

The great news?! There are amazing companies out there, many of them American, many of the run by women, who are using some of the best ingredients and engaging in some of the best socially responsible business practices.

The problem?! Where the heck are you supposed to find them?  And who do I trust?

The Answer to your problem…ME?!  I do the leg work, you reap the benefits.  This here blog; this is my leg work.

Makeup and hair expert and all around awesome human being
Makeup and hair expert and all around awesome human being

Emily Askin  brings extensive professional experience in hair, make-up, and much much more to TBR. In fact, If someone on this blog has awesome hair and/or makeup, assume Emily was behind it. Trained at New York City’s Aveda Institute, Emily served clients in a variety of Manhattan salons in addition to her industry portfolio, which primarily included theater, television, and print. In that capacity, her hair and makeup work was featured in national commercials and advertising campaigns for Dove Real Beauty, American Living by Ralph Lauren, and numerous others. Additionally, Emily has coiffed and powdered for various Broadway productions, New York Fashion Week, and even a Funny or Die video! After returning to her hometown in 2010, Emily has established herself as a leader in hair and makeup session work for the commercial and advertising industries in Pittsburgh, not to mention dozens of weddings, bar mitzvahs, and individual television appearances. Her clients here have included UPMC, Sunny-D, Connections Academy, and Rivers Casino.

When she isn’t busy at her own salon Tula making Pittsburghers more beautiful, you can find her teaching and performing Improv Comedy at Steel City Improv Theater.

Emily’s motto is, “Be yourself, and beauty will follow.”


Erinn has been treating skin for over ten years, and her results-oriented, age-defying facials – along with her expert brow-shaping – have earned her rave reviews by clients ranging in age from twelve to seventy-five. She has developed a selection of organic facials that will give you immaculate skin, helping you to look younger without expensive medical procedures. Her use of organic products comes from a belief that maintaining good health naturally, rather than covering up flaws with cosmetics and surgery, is the key to the vitality of your skin. She has her own beautiful boutique in the heart of the Lawerencville neighborhood in Pittsburgh called Bloom Organic Skin Care Parlor.


Aren’t we awesome?! Yeah. I know. So stay for awhile and hangout with a group of badass green women.


Welcome to Rehab!

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