A Night for Green Beauty

What better day to come back to the blog the A Night For Green Beauty Night?!

ANFGB 2015

Every year for the last two years a large group of the movers and shakers from Green Beauty get together and show new products and commune over delicious food and even better products, and this year will be the best yet!

While I can’t be there this year you should definitely be following along online!!  So if you can’t be in Chicago this year because you also have an infant who will scream the whole time you’re in a shower and then  magically take an hour long nap AFTER you’re about ready to feed her and leave the house…. GIANTSIDEEYETOINFANT…then here’s who you should be following tonight:

@anightforgreenbeauty:  The official instagram account for the event. It includes beautiful pictures of your favorite green beauties and brands and all the going-on’s.


@integritybotanicals:  One of the event sponsors they have great updates on what happening and new products they’re going to offer!


@labellafigurabeauty:  One of the best green beauty brands out there that created this whole shebang!


@sheristroh: Sheri is a professional makeup artist that often uses green brands to create stunning, glowing, looks and will be doing some makeup for a show during the event!


#anfgb: the hashtag for the event from all the awesome people who will be there!


Whether you’re in Chicago for the even (IT’S FREE!!!) or you’re at home living vicariously through instagram be sure to check out, and thanks for coming back to TBR!


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