The Scariest Makeup Technique

Right now I’m on a huge Youtube Makeup Tutorial kick.  I like watching for reviews and demos of projects and I somehow always wander off the pages where people are doing these make up tutorials with TONS of makeup and they always choose the wrong foundation color and address viewers as “sweetum’s” or something as particularly saccharine and uncomfortable.

I always think they’re going to stop right when it looks polished and natural and then they KEEP.GOING.

” I’m just going to add a little more ____________________” (eyeliner, contouring, highlight, etc.)

and I yell at the screen “DON’T DO IT!”

but they always do…sigh…

Anyways, one night I was watching videos by a total makeup artist badass who is not one of the aforementioned trainwrecks, and Greta was giving me serious side-eye, and I came across this video by British makeup artist Wayne Goss:

For those who can’t (or don’t want to) watch the video, it’s about how celebrities get that “lit from within” look without looking like they’re wearing too much makeup.  Here’s the gist

  1.  Moisturize your face
    2.  Add cream cheek/highlighting/contouring colors
    3.  Be completely freaked out by how you look
    4.  Blend foundation (powder or liquid) ON TOP of the colors
    5.  Stand back in shock and amazement at it actually working

Admittedly I was totally skeptical that it would work, and that it would work with natural products, but lo and behold it works and I’ve got the pictures to show!

Here you go!

Prepped my face with Andalou Naturals Sensitive CC cream


Take a powder brush, and some foundation, and blend on top.  MAGIC!
The finished look



Products used: rms living luminizer, rms lip2cheek in promise, juice beauty lip gloss in pink, honeybee gardens in belgian chocolate, Zuzu Luxe eyebrow pencil in mink, honeybee gardens foundation in luminous/also great with gressa’s foundation (I use a combo of 3 & 4), w3ll people mascara, lauren brooke cosmetiques bronzer in golden, rms uncoverup in 11, Andalou Naturals CC cream in sensitive, Acure Shampoo and Conditioner in Argan, Yarok Volume Mousse.  

Are you willing to try it?
Go for it!


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