Earth Day! The Day When Green Beauty Gives Everyone Side-eye

Happy Earth Day!  I started my earth day off with severe rain storms and some ridiculous student leaving the water fountain running in the hallway because the button got a little sticky.

I’m going to make it up wearing some great green make up and eating a local AND SUPER DELICIOUS place for lunch called Red Oak Cafe.  For full disclosure…I eat there, like, all the time anyways.

First up make up of the day!:

I used the green wall in my office for Earth Day!



1. I mixed some of my Beautycounter oil No. 2 with my Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques cream foundation.  As I mentioned before, my skin looks decidedly like someone slapped it around and I became part giraffe without make up on thanks to pregnancy and melasma…SO MUCH AWESOME, so medium to full coverage and sun protection is necessary, even though there’s no sun in the city of Pittsburgh…ever.

*I would just like to say I need full coverage not for vanity (ok slightly for vanity) people actually act worried, like something is wrong, and ask me about it if I don’t wear foundation…a life lesson in there somewhere.

2. Next up is some bronzer to give my face shape again and highlighter to make it appear like I sleep through the nights.  I’m currently trialing some from the brand Erzulie which can be found on Etsy.  They’ve gotten some buzz so I’m trying them out.  Some of their products are fluffy, like foundation that’s really only appropriate for a 18-year-old, but I’m liking the cream bronzer and highlighter a lot.

3. For the eyes I used my favorite neutral , Kjaer Weis in Charmed…which I just recently hit pan with and which I’m FREAKING OUT over. DON’T LEAVE ME! WHY YOU LEAVE ME?!?!  Afterwords I curled my lashes and threw on a few coats of another favorite , Zuzu Luxe mascara in Onyx. The perfect natural-look mascara. And with a final swipe across my eyes brows to set them and darken them up a little.

4.  Finally I finished off the lips and cheeks 100% Pure’s lip and cheek tint in cranberry glow which I got a sample of.

Super paranoid someone was going to walk by and seeing me taking awkward selfies







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