One Room Challenge…Week 3

So in week one I showed you my ideas, in week two I showed you and the entire internet (lots of people care I’m sure) the mess that I affectinoally call the guest room/nursery…this may explain why no one stays there…this week I did the smart thing and cleared out the room for paint!


I’m a maniac and bought finishing touches and knick knacks and set up the crib and dresser.  I even bought a damn plant for the space.  I’m going to absolutely blame this on pregnancy hormones, but admittedly it just may be me.

So if you remember this picture from my idea board:


The plan was to go with a Jenny Lind Crib.  ACTUALLY, the plan was to use my husbands old crib which  looks exactly like the crib above and was, ya know, FREE, but apparently they frown on you using a crib that’s 30 years old. WEIRD.

I liked the black version of the crib, like how damn stylish are these cribs?! (all pics found on Pinterest):

jenny lind crib in black, black and white stripe window treatment (mixes dark crib with white furniture) OR  I love so many things abbout this nursery, but particularly how sophisticated it feels. The artwork is beautiful - a great inspiration piece for the room design - and ties in perfectly with the Madeline Weinrib rug and black Jenny Lind crib. OR my little pony nursery


AMIRIGHT? Anyways, my husband liked the white, and in the end I knew I wanted to paint the room, possibly a dark color, which the contrast with white would have been great, so we ordered the white.

Additionally, the crib sheet that we were graciously gifted came in and it’s this cute sucker from Land of Nod:



Anyways, the bain of my existence, AKA fishtank has been moved to the living room so I can see it every day immediately when I come home from work, YEAH!, and has more than one fish in it now, so there is that.

The clutter has been filtered (I know it doesn’t look like it Judgey McJudgerson) and I’ve narrowed down rug and paint choices which I’m hoping to tackle this weekend (har) and I may even replace the light fixture…MAY… Here’s some updated pics for ya!


Alright, so here’s what you do…scroll to the top picture, then look at the images I just showed you…what do you notice? OH THAT THEY’RE NOTHING ALIKE AND I’M OBVIOUSLY GOING ROGUE?! pretty much.  The sheets are white, the dresser is navy, and due to the size of the room and the queen bed still in there….pretty much no chair.


I’m like a ORC Maverick…except I can’t see Russia from my house…



Don’t forget to check out the people who actually know what they’re doing HERE and the other linkers who still know what they’re doing way more than I do HERE!



4 thoughts on “One Room Challenge…Week 3

  1. Love, love the crib! And I just sat down and made a list of things to do this weekend and number 1 is literally “get your act together and decide on paint and rugs for remaining rooms in house after 2 years.” Also, I don’t know how you put up with the fish tank, you’re a better person than I am.. xoxoxo

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