One Room Challenge … Week 2!

UPDATE: This post was complete yesterday, as in Thursday , as in the deadline, and I straight up forgot to publish it because I have the capacity to remember absolutely nothing anymore.  Not that my memory was all that great to begin with, but it’s laughable at this point. I only realized this after a full 15 minutes of being offended that the linking party didn’t want me…THANKS FOR NOTHING FETUS.

On to our regular scheduled programming…

Week one I drew you in with my fancy pictures from Pinterest with people who actually knew what they were doing.

Week Two I show you the horror that is this nursery/guest room.  Are you ready. I apologize to your eyeballs in advance…

Don’t worry though, I’ve started working on the dresser/changing table, and have actually started putting things away with big plans for this week with some big decisions.


Wall Paint Color? What goes over the crib? What the hell do I do about those damn wardrobes? How do I convince my husband we need another rug to vacuum?

Suggestions welcome and don’t forget to go check out the pros HERE and the other awesome linkers HERE!


8 thoughts on “One Room Challenge … Week 2!

    1. Michaela, thank you! I can’t wait to go check out yoursand see the transformation! There is a fish in the tank lol. It’s under the filter hiding from my disdain. I will say that the fish water is excellent for the plants!

  1. You should totally keep the rug! It is actually in one of your inspiration pictures!
    Take the gray from it and make it work. Soft gray and pink is totally popular here in Sweden anyway.

    1. Pia, it’s like you’re inside my mind. I was thinking a light grey (but would that be too boring?!) or pink (maybe only half the way up?!). Thanks for the suggestions! p.s. can I come to Sweden to have my kid? I hear the health care there is pretty awesome.

      1. Health care is ok and it’s paid with taxes so that is good. Being able to stay home with 80% of your salery for a year after birth is pretty awesome! I’m personally not that into gray but I think that it will work in that space and it Is non-offencive if you plan on selling in the future. No half walls…. Minty green, white and pink to accessorise and you should be good to go! Good luck with the baby, the room and the challange!

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