Pregnancy Skin Care and Makeup

Pregnancy skin care is super fun, and by super fun I mean, the worst.

And can I say right now that pregnant women don’t glow?! we sweat. I, at least, have not glowed once during this pregnancy, but I have sweated many – a – time.

A Disclaimer (because apparently in 2015 we need to explain that on a personal blog that women , who are uniquely different in every way shape and form on a normal basis , as well as when pregnant…) These experiences and opinions are my own. I hope you glow, more than I hope you dance, and certainly more than I hope you sweat.

How is my skin doing?
You thought skin was dry in the winter normally, HA! For every ounce of moisture that goes into my body the kid is like “THANK YOU DON’T MIND IF I DO” and it’s gone.  To be fair I’d offer if she didn’t take it, but still. I could camelpak all day and night and still have super dry skin.  Not just only on my face though, oh no, the growing belly, the one compact part of me, does not like the extreme stretching either.


Even my beloved Kypris beauty was not enough on it’s own this winter to combat both dry skin season as well as baby stealing all the water I drink.  It took me way too long , but I finally upgraded to a balm which definitely helped.  I started out with Indie Lee’s Calendula eye balm all over my face because I already owned it, but branched out to a sample pack of  Herbfarmacy’s balms after seeing them pop up more and more and hearing the impeccable C.Hirons love on it  THEY’RE AMAZING. The smell is on point and they glide on super smooth and not greasy at all, and hydrate all day long. I got mine from Amazon because I have Amazon-attachment problems.

Mallow Beauty Balm


This basic is an oldie but a goodie and not something you can go wrong with.  It’s just aloe and water…alright so that doesn’t sound exciting, but your skin post shower just sucks it in, I usually spray a couple of times while walking around in the morning before putting my balm on.

yes I do own the giant bottle

Know what looks cute? makeup clinging to dry patches of skin all over your face if you add mild melasma to that…all while sweating it’s like “damn Sue, cover that up, give the rest of us a chance”. hot damn, pregnancy is glamorous. Keeping as hydrated as possible and moisturizing the heck out of your face is important, but finding the right makeup during this time period is really important.  I got Gressa’s new foundation which has been a fun adventure in mixing and matching two shades for my color (new shades are coming soon!) since I’m a 3.5, but in the end the liquid to powder finish was too dry for me after alone.  So I started mixing it with a tinted moisturizer and that has done the trick!

MINIMALIST Corrective Serum Foundation

 Here’s a look where I used this for one of my baby showers:


I have also been using my good ol’ Lauren Brook Cosmetiques cream foundation. LBC is a constant favorite of mine, clean clean ingredients, USA made (Utah), and owned and operated by a woman. SUE CATNIP.  Her foundation comes in many colors with cool, neutral, and warm tones for everyone alike so you can actually find you skin color  no matter what it is (except very dark. ugh. INCREDIBLE IDEA RIGHT?!). Plus the cream formula doesn’t dry me out and has about medium coverage for the melasma. When my skin is dry I mix in a drop of face oil and it spreads wonderfully.


So…stretch marks are genetic, not much you can do about them; you either get them or you don’t.  I also refuse to obsessively lather my stomach with oil/butter to avoid something(s) that aren’t shameful to have.  Plus puberty and going from a child to a women at mach 3 over one summer took care of that little vanity problem awhile ago.  First thing I did was call my mom and ask if she got them, she didn’t. Second thing I did was profusely thank my friend Claire who got my the Zoe Organics Pregnancy Gift Set.  Now I wasn’t trying to prevent stretch marks (again, they’re not surface problems, they go deep) , but I needed some serious relief along the growing belly for dry/stretched skin.  I would double up with they’re belly oil and belly butter right after a shower in the morning and before bed at night.  It offered some relief , although in the third trimester at this point my stomach just laughs off ‘stretch relief products’. “No no no Sue, keep putting the oil on, I’ll stop stretching in a minute.”

Pregnancy Gift Set

So There you go!

Being Green while being pregnant!


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