One Room Challenge… Nursery Edition

It’s that time of year where designers who are at 45.6 million times more talented than I redo rooms in 6 weeks and I join along in my backseat version of the same thing with less money and skill.


The Pros this time are:

Some I already  follow, but many are new this time around so I’m interested in what they do and hopefully find new blogs to stalk.

I did this once before in the fall and had lots of fun (actually true) with great customer service (very much NOT TRUE….Vincent) and the room is still being really refined, but it was great to get it all done with a timeline. It got me into a space I loved faster than I would have.

So Linda from Calling It Home asked me (because I harangued her into a conversation on instagram, not because I’m awesome) will I do the spring one, which just happened to coincide with me needing a new space…a nursery! S’Right! I got knocked up and now I need a place to put the wee one apparently and dogs beds aren’t kosher.

To be fair , I buy my dogs very nice dog beds.

Week one are the plans including the details!
Do I know the sex?
yup. girl.

Do I want you to know it by looking at her nursery?
nope. neutral but not grey or beige

Can you finally paint the damn walls and or change anything that would make the room super cute?
Nope. you want to see actual cute nurseries go check out the people who know what they’re doing above.

What’s your budget
three cents….generously speaking

What are your needs
I live in a two bedroom, so this room still has to fit a guest bed which we’re keeping now as our old master queen four-poster;a changing table/dresser, a crib, and pretty much all of my husbands clothes and his fish/fish tank that I have to keep in our house because I would like to remain married.

“Oh so you have no budget, ugly details to keep, and a mish-mosh of furniture….I will TOTALLY come back here and read this every week.”

I know. I KNOW.

Pictures of this absurd space to come next week, but this week. The inspiration!

The pinterest inspirations:

The Wise Baby


Project Nursery


Photography: Amy Bartlam -  Read More:
Found on style me pretty



bold colors
Lay Baby Lay


lesuer interiors



I’ve put together a little board of what my plans are. Who knows if it will actually turn out like this…


bald puppy room
my own creation…found on pinterest









10 thoughts on “One Room Challenge… Nursery Edition

    1. Linda! I used to live in Orlando! I would have made that trip for sure! congrats on your new place and new renovation, i can’t wait to see what amazing things you do with it!

  1. You are hilarious! Loved reading this post! I will be coming back to check on your progress and I’m sure you’re more talented than you think you are, and because I’m excited to see how you transform this space with 3 cents. Good luck, and congratulations!

    1. Erin thank you so much for the kind words and the well wishes (I will take any form of encouragement and help as I waddle around and solve this rooms problems) I can’t wait to explore your site as well!

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