Looking Forward to 2015

On the heels of ‘What I loved most about 2014’ I thought I would talk about what I’m looking forward to in 2015!

While there a bunch of new products sure to be out that aren’t little twinkle in green beauty creators eyes, that I’ll want to try, I’m looking forward to some new things that are already out there. Here they are:

1. New Places to Shop

There are some new stores that just opened up in 2015 that I’m eager to try out!

Seed to Serum

This store is a blogger to proprietor story.  Megan was always on the cusp of new brands that you’re going to love. How did I find the awesome Black Chicken? Megan! The incredible Province Apothecary? Megan! I can go on and on.  Her brands are on point and always high performance and her store is visually stunning. Try not to buy everything.

seed to serum

seed to serum 2

Credo Beauty

How do we know green beauty has gone mainstream? Other than Gwenyth Paltrow and Elle Magazine talking about it? Credo Beauty.  Credo beauty is no small time gig, it was created by the guy who has headed Sephora USA Victoria’s Secret Beauty, Estee Lauder, and NV Perricone MD and is opening its first Brick and Mortar in San Francisco with VP’s of marketing and a much more corporate structure than ever before. Granted we all here knew this is what beauty is supposed to be like, and now it seems the world is catching up!

Anyways, with brands that make our green hearts pitter patter, behind the scene brand videos, and hopefully easy to shop brick and mortar locations I can’t wait!




credo 2

2. New Products/ Lines to Try

Gressa Skin’s Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation

I received this as a gift for Christmas time and I’m excited to use it in 2015.  This foundation is getting a lot of Gressa Skin’s Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundationlove going around the blog-o-sphere (most annoying word created?) and I’m excited to try it out.  Getting my hands on this product though has been a circus.  I wrote to find out my shade color since they don’t give samples (I KNOW) and was told I was a 4. Awesome. I told my gift giver who ordered two bottles of color 4. 1 bottle of color 1 came in. Alrighty then… we wrote back and they said they would ship out 2 bottles of number 4. Got them, woo hoo! Number 4 is just alittletoodark for my skin in winter, I’m like a 3.5. Sigh… So I wrote back and asked to return 1 number 4 for a number 3. STILL WITH ME? Gressa said keep it and play! we’ll send you a number 3 because of all the problems. BOOM. s’called customer service yo.

You all know from my one room challenge the ridiculousness that is sometimes referred to as customer service. I’M LOOKING AT YOU VINCENT. I’m also pretty patient with mix-ups , especially for a locally made, ethically sourced, small but burgeoning company.  Everyone makes mistakes and it’s how you handle them and fix them that count. Gressa get’s an A+.

Zoe Organics Line

So 2015 is big for another reason, I gots knocked up. Other than the usual upsides like eternal love, devotion, bonding, and raising someone to be kind and intelligent on this planet I get to try baby mama stuff woo hoo! A side of the market I didn’t know anything about previously.  With lots of changes going on and the winter season of doom upon us, it will be great to explore new lines like this fun and attractive one.

zoe organics


What are you looking forward to in 2015?




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