She’s Alive!!!

Hello and welcome to TBR’s super delayed first post of 2015.

I’d be more ashamed of myself but I spent the end of this year:

1.) Relaxing

2.)Spending time with family and seeing the sun and feeling warmth for the first time in MONTHS in Florida

3.)Having a car for the first time in 3 years.

4.) Aggressively snuggling with my fur babies

5.) Fun calligraphy projects

6.) and ultimately dealing with absurd college student problems “….uh yeah…that D is bad”

2014  highlights

1. Expressing my thoughts and getting positive feedback.  I appreciate all those who have not flayed me via internet comment.  I think it speaks to the quality of reader of green beauty blogs.

2. Working with green beauty companies.  This year I got to work one on one with a lot of beauty companies.  One of the reasons why I love this world is that it isn’t run by nameless/faceless corporate men trying to make me feel bad, or make me younger, or spend money fixing things.  It’s a world filled with incredibly strong women , who want to make you FEEL amazing, while also looking amazing, and give back to the communities and the world profoundly.

3. Having other people get excited about the things as well.  Watching and hearing about other people giving a damn about what they buy, and who they buy it from gets me pumped up. BEAUTY. NERD.

4. Trying the products. So I’m buying stuff from great companies, and other people are buying stuff from great companies..YEAH WARM FUZZY FEELINGS. Actually trying and using the products and having them be AH.MAZE.ING? Definitely one of my favorite parts.

2014  Favorites

1. CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture – I’ve talked about this baby a lot and for many reasons.  They’ve got a whole slew of great products but I love this moisturizer.  It’s light and super efficient and I use it everyday at least once a day.CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture: Works beautifully for dry skin for all 4 seasons.

2. Manuka Honey – There are pre-made products with manuka honey in it that are all great, but I saw an immediate and awesome difference in my skin on just manuka honey alone.  It lasts forever, is gentle, super effective, and tastes good when you accidentally get it in your mouth while washing it off.Wedderspoon Gold 100% Raw Organic Manuka Active Honey 16+ | Spirit Beauty Lounge

3. ZuZu Luxe Mascara – For a bargain mascara, this products performs nothing like one.  It’s great for voluminous and natural eyelashes, my eyelashes are healthier and fuller after using it, it doesn’t flake throughout the day, and isn’t expensive. You can ask that much more from a mascara. except maybe world peace.

And The Award For Best Cruelty-Free/ All-Natural Mascara Goes To... - GirlieGirl Army | GirlieGirl Army

4. Pai’s Camellia and Rose Cleanser – Is this a bargain. sweet gentle Jesus no. do I love it and write poetry to it? yes. yes I do. Every morning this gentle cleanser just makes me take a deep breath and be happy.heavenly smell - Pai Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser | Spirit Beauty Lounge

5. Stark’s White Willow Bark Toner – This another one of those products that just walks into a bar with a lowered fedora, spots my face from across the room, and gives it the best make out session of it’s life. Are there other toners that are good? YUP. Are there other toners I will buy? YUP. do any of them wear fedoras and rock my skin’s world? NOPE.White Willow Bark Perfecting Tonic

6. Ilia’s 99 Red Ballons Crayon.  It took this baby to Spain for a reason!  It’s a great day-to-night color, can be worn any season – it has never looked bad on me or with a certain outfit, and is easy to apply – even in a cell phone reverse photograph image.

ILIA | 99 Red Balloons Lipstick Crayon | AHAlife

I’ll be back soon (promise) with what I can’t wait for in 2015!  Have a good one!


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