Gift Guides

This is the obligatory gift guide post that comes out during this time of year.

First, I’m not anit-gift guide, but these things get ridiculous.  One lifestyle blog puts out a gift for those who have different price points , like $25, $50, and up to $250.  Dear god who are you and who are your friends and how can I be one?

Secondly, you want a gift guide? ask the human being you’re giving the gift too.  They will automatically like what you give them, because you’re giving them what they asked for.  Easy! You’re welcome, I just made you the worlds best gift giver.  Unless they’re asking for something from the $250 list. Do I look like a bank ya filthy criminal??

Finally, know what your price limit is , then go to one of the great green beauty stores you know and love, and find something that is that price. BOOM.  Holidays done and done.

If none of these tips work (damn) Here is my best piece of advice: GIFT. SETS. and TRAVEL. SETS.


These are perfect for gifts.  They give the receiver a taste of what a company offers. Is less expensive for your wallet than buying full sized items and you never know how a product is going to react with someone’s skin so this is a small investment to try out and see if they love something.

Finally, the reason I love gift/travel sets? they’re perfect for yourself!  Try a new product or brand. It’s a short term commitment, it’s not a huge investment up front for something you may not like, or may not like you, (LOOKIN AT YOU COCONUT OIL), and it’s designed to be easy to pack.

Here are some of my favorite sets, but don’t forget to check out my PINTEREST with another billion and a half options (mild exaggeration, but only a mild one).



For your sister or bff, you know the kind of friend that you talk about skin problems with – for real.

Not like “oh I have a pimple, yikes” , but more like “oh my god my skin is practically melting off my face, why do I know have lines, spots, and pimples since I turned 30, what do I have to put on a sacrificial alter to age gracefully?” THAT PERSON.

Skincare Set for Oily, Acneic, Irritated and Rosacea skin types - complete regimen of anti-inflammatory, healing, smoothing natural skincare


Why?  Blissoma always works and Blissoma always is affordable, meaning that if they want to keep investing in themselves they’ll love you for the products that made them step away slowly from the sacrifical alter (PUT YOUR CAT DOWN, JESSICA).



For the person who uses every part of their hand for the makeup application process but won’t pick up a damn brush.

Look I’m all for finger painting, I do it A LOT but sometimes it’s because if you’re going to spend money on great products you don’t want to do it on the tools. Be the person who fills that void in their life!





Bamboo Makeup Brushes by Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques

Why?: Natural Joy Beauty offers a gift set to get you through any make up application with Lauren Brooke’s eco tools that work well. Bonus? use that fluffy one for face mask applications!



For the person who has everything , or Dudes

This gift set is a box of 12 Osmia Soaps in all different flavors…scents? you know what I mean! They get a new scent every month to explore.  They may have everything , or be a dude and say they don’t need anything, but I bet they’ll love this

Greenest & Cleanest


Why? Everyone uses soap and everyone that Osmia makes is great so it’s hard to pick! this way they don’t have to choose, you don’t have to choose, and if you’re visiting you get to secretly use them everything you go over to test them out yourself.


For the person who travels…or a ‘self love gift’

Dr. Alkaitis isn’t the prettiest horse out there. The weird plastic bag that was recycled from the bonnebell comapny lip gloss package? not cute.  No glam marketing campaign with tiny lettering with bulky dispensers? not cute. Know what else isn’t cute skin that acts and looks as stressed as you are….I mean they are…

Dr. Alkaitis Trial & Travel Kit | Spirit Beauty Lounge


Why?  Dr. Alkaitis works and works well.  In this one little pack thats efficient for air travel you have everythign you need, which means your skin won’t have to do without. After grandmothers, siblings, THAT uncle, awkwardly running into exes at the grocery store back home, and lots of food you don’t traditionally eat…this little pack is a little weird plastic bag of heaven…for them.



For the person who must have paid the devil off because they always have a perfect cat eye

Serisously, how do they do it?  You’ve tried the scotch tape trick, the post-it trick, the panda trick and your cat eye is still less cat more sad sad street walker. Well keep your awesome cat eye, because I got you some incredible clean, high performing  make up pack with a cute holiday clutch to go with it!

"Here Comes Santa Claus" Gift Set




Why? Because…damn it! now they’ve perfected the smokey eye look.


Not Going to lie this one is for myself

Why this rescue to go travel set? Because it’s what I use every day on my face and body anyway.  I would travel with this baby, I would give this away, but in reality I stick this sucker in my purse.  As in , it’s in my purse right now.

CV Skinlabs Travel Pouch


Why?  This is the kit the solves summer moisture and oiliness, the kit that solves fall skin repairs, the solves winter itchines (WILL MY SKIN EVER STOP ITCHING), and fixes spring time balancing.  I might give this away but first you have to pry it from my cold itchy hands. 


Go forth and be giving, to others and yourself this holiday season and when in doubt give the green gift of them all..nothing.  No waste, no wrapping, no packaging. Let your presence be your present.






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