Around the webs: Sales and More UPDATE

Good Morning!

After a weekend filled with Insurance nonsense and car wreck antics I’m pumped to be back here talking about green, clean beauty.  It’s my happy place.  I loved talking about and doing the One Room Challenge as well as it was fantastic to hear from some of the women I really admire from around the web.  To be fair most were about Vincent and drinking wine, I consider this the basis  of all friendships so I’m totally bff with them all now (not true but I wish it was).

There’s some great stuff going around the web and I wanted to make sure I passed it along! Some of these sales end today so don’t delay!!!

1. S.W.Basics at Target!!


S.W.Basics now at Target! Find out how one of our favorite brands ended up in the shop we all secretly , and not so secretly love :

Here are the deets on the partnership:

  • Three prices will be going down, Cleanser (now $22), Toner ($22), and Exfoliant ($24).
  • NOTHING else is changing. Not the formulas, not the quality of the ingredients, not the branding, nothing.
  • We have launched on (free shipping, subscription service, and lots more goodies oh my!) already.
  • We will be launching in select premium aisles in March, 2015. Look out for the map soon!
  • We will absolutely continue to work with and support our other retailers throughout the world.
  • Because of the partnership, we can now afford some amazing improvements including USDA organic certification, coming soon!

2. Will toxic beauty products kill you?

This is a great blog post by Sarita Coren, a favorite green beauty blogger who takes some insane instagrams. When you start buying green, and avoiding these ingredients, the response isn’t typically. Good for you so healthy! It’s closer to “well the toxic stuff won’t really kill me…” or my favorite “well, lead in your lipstick really won’t kill you.” You can’t have it in your paint people, and you’re not even licking walls… and while I have my own manifesto, this is a great article and a great way to talk about clean beauty with the doubters and haters:


Free Vegan Lip Balm with every purchase this week from Monday 17th to Sunday 23rd!
There’s a big clearance at joy natural beauty!!!
The Detox Market is giving 10% off all make up with code ENJOY10 + gift by W3ll People
Juice beauty has 20% off and FREE SHIPPING. BOOM. But you’ve got to order ASAP , the sale doesn’t last long.
Fresh Faced is an online retail store of just the best products . While the orders take awhile to get to you (Canada, yeesh), there selection is pretty damn awesome. They’ve got a great samples program (hallelujah!) and carry a favorite line, Stark!!
Clementine Fields: spend over $200 get free cv skin balm. This stuff is GOLD for the winter and fall seasons. Case in point? I ran a 5k Sunday, applied this (and my calming moisture) before I ran. Face and lips were smooth as a baby’s bottom. I was totally out of breath, but my face and lips were rock solid.
This one ends today so act fast!! you get 20% off their holiday list which not only includes yummy noms, but Caru’s Sensitive skin care kit. SCHWING…..yeah, no I like BOOM better still.

A Statement on shopping at this time of year:  A lot of these posts are about products to buy and where to buy them and can come across like BUY BUY BUY. I don’t think you should, but I will say this.  You should put your hard earned money where you mouth. You can buy lots of gifts for people this year, and buy buying from any of these links about the gift you give is to bring health, well being, love , and care to someone you care about; and those well earned bucks? They support small business, the united states (mostly – Canada you’re cool too, you count, we got your back), and mostly the women who run them. So this year don’t just buy what you don’t need , will throw away, or what puts money into the hands of insanely wealthy corporate dbags who will turn around and buy a lexus with a red bow on it for their teenage son (WHO ACTUALLY DOES THAT?!?!? WHY DO THEY RUN THOSE COMMERCIALS?!?!).



From May Lindstrom Skin!!

“I really want you to have this. I’m extending my gift for 23 more hours! I am treating you to The Blue Cocoon (value $160) when you treat yourself to goodies totaling $200 or more at Place whatever you desire in your cart, and type “bluelove” into the Notes section at checkout. I will take care of you from there. Go now, this very officially ends tomorrow 11.18.14 at 10am PST. If you have questions, ask here and I will guide you into the perfect ritual for your individual skin. Xo May”


Go forth and enjoy some guilt free shopping!



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