One Room Challenge Week 6: THE REVEAL!!!

Welcome! You’ve stayed with me long enough through the process of ups and downs for glam worthy photos of my swanky new master bedroom! kind of…

It’s been over a month so a lot has happened be sure to check out weeks 1,2,3,4 and 5 to get caught up.

If you want to see the good stuff, you know , the REAL GOOD STUFF go see the pros from yesterday over HERE.  Be sure to check out my favs:

1. Naomi from Design Manifest:

Design Manifest Petite Kitchen Makeover

2.Tobe from Because It’s Awesome

3. Christine from Bijous & Boheme

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom


Ever want to make out with a rug or tile before? NOW YOU DO.  Their designs are awesome, so clever, and smart, and just really really pleasing, I would like almost every room they design. SO if you’re not following them and wishing you could be best friends who hang out and design stuff. go. go now. run don’t walk.

Now that you’ve seen beautiful pictures I’ll transition you into my own after a short story…

The room’s not done. I KNOW. Linda don’t ban me from the club! I have lots of wine and adoration to give! But after the set backs from the past week there was only so much I could do. The main one? THIS:


ALWAYS LOOK LEFT PEOPLE. Especially if you’re 17 driving an SUV.

No one was hurt, but it put a stop to things I was hoping to get done in time leaving a mad rush for the reveal. Also, I have a lampshade situation…(no that’s not code for anything) I ordered two tall white lamp shades for my awesome new lamps and one tall brown one came….uh….ok….so I had to reorder them, and sadly my dresser legs did not arrive in time so I haven’t finished the dresser placement and subsequently the art placement above said dresser. AH WELL.


(like you couldn’t tell)

So here’s what you’ve all been waiting for….THE ROOM!!


Last but not least, a few notes and a huge thank you to Emma who came over and helped me to do last minutes changes after a long work day instead of relaxing with wine like normal people.




more notes



even more notes



Go check out the other incredible linkers HERE!!!

Want some recommendations on linkers to? PRAYER’S ANSWERED!!! The one’s who always knock my slippers off ( I don’t wear socks, what do I look like a cave man?!?):

1. Chez V: She’s a PRO at combinations. Bold but not overwhelming, simply but not bare, luxe but not ridiculous. so so good.

2. MFAMB: She says the things you wish you could say and designs the way you wish you could design

3. Burlap and Lace : THAT HEADBOARD.




10 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 6: THE REVEAL!!!

  1. Very nice Sue! I love the drapery fabric and your fearless use of colour. And how fabulous is the hanging fabric/rug (not sure what to call it!) and the tutu. It’s items like those, that give a room soul and personality. Great job! Oh, and think I would do art above the bed – maybe a bold black and white painting?

  2. OK….the tutu rocks my world! And that large textile is fantastic so you definitely have that going for you! Listen….6 weeks is tough and then you throw life in the mix it is sometimes a recipe for disaster! No worries cause it is only 1st world problems right! Loving on the orange lamps!

    1. Thank you Tara! Im still trying to find the best way to show case that tutu (arcylic frame?) But its such a wonderful memento and makes great art.

    1. Linda, Thank you for the kind words. They’re very appreciated. I will defintely be back in the spring and with a VERY SPECIAL room. I can’t wait. Let’s just say, that my pinterest is booming.

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