One Room Challenge Week 5

Week five shall thus far be known as the week when barely anything got done.  I swear I have a good reasons though.


First, this was every evening and to be honest every morning:


butt loads upon butt loads of envelopes.  Cotton fiberous bumpy envelopes, with delicate delicate calligraphy.

shoot me.

The other reason was this:


That is a burnt ends BBQ sandwich with fries.  It was disgusting and yes I ate half.  I was in Kansas City for a work conference where I mostly slept (and recovered from late nights of calligraphy) and ate.

Finally, because it took until yesterday for these two things to arrive:

hello you beautiful vintage ginger jar lamp….muwah!



and the fabric curtain!  Did I choose which one you guessed?



A few things about this fabric.  I really wanted navy curtains. HOWEVER the Schumacher Chenonceau which I love so much I might name my kid Chenon… Pronounced She-non…only comes in charcoal. So off to spoonflower I went!

I search until my eyeballs popped.  I’m lying, I’m actually really good at searching and finding what I want in these kinds of situations.  I’m not kidding.  One of my closest friends was like “Sue, I need awesome bed side tables for cheap” I found within 10 minutes awesome one for $35. SKILLS….moving on…

I went to the site and found this:






And at $17.50 a yard….PERFECT.  I will say this briefly about knock offs etc.  If you can afford the real thing, do it.  It’s worth it on the respect alone to pay to someones skill.  If I had brought home enough fabric for four curtains of Schumacher Chenonceau though, I would be in a river with cement shoes right now.

So I ordered the fabric , made a note how I wanted it cut and like a maniac accidentally put the wrong length in the order…by a yard…damn.  Spoonflower had someone email me immediately though, explain very politely that I was missing a yard (with no derogatory tone or words indicating I should revisit 2nd grade math) and that it was on them.

After dumbass-Vincent this felt like getting a foot rub, back rub, and head scratch all at the same time.  There are some amazing prints on Spoonflower and after their customer service I would say run, not walk, to them.

Last, but not least I bought some legs for the dresser.  Our dresser which now sits on the ground needs to be centered in the room facing the bed unless you want to see my eye twitch for the next 20 years so I bought legs, I have to paint them, to lift the dresser up so it can go over the vent!



So that’s where I am this week! fabric that I need to sew (ha), lamps I need shades for, a dresser I need to replace the legs on and paint, putting up the art, and cleaning. DEFINITELY CLEANING.

Check out all the other Linkers HERE and the official group HERE.  There’s some juicy stuff going on!



6 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 5

  1. Spoonflower is the best, best- great find on the fabric! And I love the new legs on the dresser. Looking forward to seeing your reveal next week. Oh and good news on the no cement shoes in the river;)

    1. Kim, I remember your room from the last one week challenge and loved it!! All I have to say was that the customer service was excellent. The processing and shipping time was FAST and there’s a lot of good design in there. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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