One Room Challenge Week 4


It’s One Room Challenge time! To catch up on what the hell this actually is and what weeks 1 -3 have been like check out the link to the right –> or go HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Week 4 was a hectic week for me with a lot going on in and out of work, so it worked out perfectly that this week was all about the fabrics. Oh and




So after all the bed drama I was extremely hesitant it was actually going to get delivered.  On Monday though I received an email saying I would be receiving a phone call on Saturday on when they would be delivering it.

GUESS WHAT?? no phone call. I checked the payment record, they even had my number right.

GUESS WHAT?? I don’t care, the bed is actually here.

As is on par for this company the box to the headboard box arrived like this:


I ripped open the box to make sure it wasn’t damaged and thankfully it was not. Raging is exhausting I did not want to rage.

Then the bed stayed in the box for a while so we could move stuff around and you know, pick the mattresses off the floor. WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO.

The room still isn’t completely put together but it’s amazing with the new bed in there!


This new bed meant new bedding and I really wanted to tie in the Navy dog blanket we have (dog owners know what I’m talking about) and light pink.

Now, pink when it’s gender-norming…DUMB. Pink as a straight up color, AWESOME. Every shade of it, don’t believe me? Look at this amazingness (all images found with a simple search on pinterest):


So I’ve had pink and navy combo in my mind for a while and this was the perfect opportunity for it.  Now the navy is coming from the curtains and the blankets and pillows.

The pink? BEDDING!!! So I began the search for a pink linen duvet set and this is what I found:


White Linen Duvet? You can find so many good options at affordable prices. Grey Duvet? SAME. Pink Duvet? ELEVNTY MILLION DOLLARS.

FINE.  I will just make you my damn self thankyouverymuch.

So off to Ikea I went in search of their SUPER AFFORDABLE white linen duvet and joann fabrics for some RIT fabric dye.  I felt comfortable with this plan of attack mostly because I didn’t feel like A. comprimising the color and B. I have some great white sheets that I invested in.  My skin wont be touching the duvet so what I am touching in comfortable.


I do want to say this. I have never had a problem with Ikea Duvets.  If you don’t mind the dumb white snaps hidden at the bottom , it’s a great way to go and they often wear to really soft duvets.

How to dye a duvet a subtle pink??? Don’t do this:

1. Go down to your creepy basement…no seriously. Why does Pittsburgh hones insist on all basements looking like a murder scene in a move. proof:


2. Mix in 1/5 of your bottle of RIT Dye in Petal pink and salt in with your duvet set, follow directions on bottle.

3. At the last minute for some unknown reason add a little bit more ensuring it wont be the very very light pink you were intending.


5. Shrug and go upstairs because you still have 2,343 more envelopes to address


In the end the color is a little darker than intended, but I think it will work well with the other colors around it, and won’t get lost and fade against the navy, green , and orange.


Also I did the husband pink test. You know the one where with a complete non commital look and face you dress the bed and say ‘Hey dear what do you think’, and they go looks good, and then you do a big mental PHEW.

Husbands who like pink bedding are the best.


So the Bed is put together and it’s wonderful. The bedding is on and is also wonderful. Next on this list?

1. Deciding what to do with the blank wall facing the bed

2. Art

3. Dresser legs

4. rearranging all the new goodies!!


Don’t forget to check out the other exciting linkers here and the top 20 from yesterday HERE.



3 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 4

  1. Basement murder scene…hilarious! I so loved reading your post and ACES job on the pink duvet. I’m a massive pink lover and am married to one of those dudes who approves of it so high fives to both of us for nabbing pink lovers:)

  2. The thing is, no matter how incredible the house. they all look like that?!they all also have random toils int he basement. Pittsburgh is weird. You do pink SO WELL. this actually reminds me of the pink you used in the last ORC. so wonderful. HIGH FIVE.

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