One Room Challenge Week 2!


First things first.  If you don’t remember what all this biz-nass is about, check here.

This week is all about painting side tables.  I know, CONTAIN YOUR EXCITEMENT.

Here  is a simple truth about me. I rule craigslist, it’s my universe.  You need something I will find it for you on craigslist for way less.  True story… I found this table:


which retails for thousands on craigslist for a super fraction (an actually thing) of the price, and it’s legit.

So in the old bedroom I had no side tables.  The bed was super high so I had one very tall antique music cupboard that served the purpose but that was it.  So I was on the look out for two matching end tables that were not $300 (really?!?!) and fit the space of the room.  I searched craigslist and found these babies for $20!!! woo hoo!!!


Solid wood, sturdy, LARGE, and with great lines and drawers/levels for storing books and green beauty products. BOOM. done.

The finish. UGH. In a colorful room, or an all white room it might work, but I already have seagrass on the floor and an orange rental wood floor I can’t change so another shade of brown was not going to happen.

Then Hunter green came to me, like in a dream….or because I think about green make up constantly. Any ways.  I put together my colors, Pink, Navy and added hunter green and ME LOVES.


So I bought paint, spray paint, because I wanted a smooth finish and some primer. This kind specifically (and in the land of bloglandia, the best):


and got the rest of my tools:


and did about 50 million even coats from a total of 6 cans. Why? Because this was 1 can:


I also sprayed a mirror which i decided to tape off like this:


Because I’m insane.

Mind you my backyard is TEEEEENYTIIIIIIINY and I had to take a giant tarp and cover like 50% of it to not make everything green and crawl to get all the angles.  No I didn’t take pictures. ALLOW ME SOME DIGNITY.

In the end, they’re beautiful!

Want to see????


Don’t forget to check out the rest of the amazing linking party HERE:

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