One Room Challenge Week 1!

It’s the most, wonderful time, of the yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!

You’re welcome for getting that stuck in your head in October!


It is my favorite time of the year, which is One Room Challenge time! I mentioned my goal for my one room challenge before, but here’s a little bit more info on what exactly it is:

The One Room Challenge(ORC) is the brain child of Linda from the design blog: Calling It Home and is an online, bi-annual event, that blends bloggers and designers and amatuers link up with to present some amazing real life re-design changes. The goal is to start AND finish a room transformation in just six weeks (this includes complete kitchen renos!) written in Six weekly posts (published every Wednesday/linked every Thursday) and includes updates, inspiration, progress, products, and setbacks. the reveal is November 5th and as always includes some amazing results. The room I’ve chosen to re-do is…

My Master Bedroom (this is a ridiculous title since I live in a two bedroom place. STILL)!!! Look how beautiful she is:

Displaying 20140707_175646.jpg




So what spurred this change up? Well recently I celebrated my two year anniversary (waits for awws to die down….) and my Husband and I LOOSELY follow the traditional gift list (for example year 1 is paper. He got me a beautiful Rifle paper print and I printed him the receipt from the B&B we stayed at for the weekend. I’M SUCH A DAMN ROMANTIC)…and year 2 is cotton.  So one evening before our anniversary he goes, out of the blue, “we should get a king bed, there’s a deal on mattresses, and then we’d get cotton sheets for the anniversary which is the second year gift.

This was amazing for two reasons…one, my husband is an excellent saver (part of the reason why I love him; if left to my own devices, my house would be incredible but I’d be licking stamps for nutrition and pretending I’m 26 so I could stay on my parents health insurance).

The second reason is because I am a terrible sleeper, so anything that helps me, and us, sleep better is worth it.

To be honest, halfway through his sentence I had an entire pinterest board filled. So without further ado…here’s the plan:


Things to note:

Paint Color: this is a rental, the wall color is not changing. Although to be honest I rather like the wall color. It’s from 1985 so I have no idea what color it is but sometimes it looks beige, sometimes it looks pink, it’s awesome.NO REALLY.

Theme: I need a deep, dark, cave (like my soul) to get any kind of sleep in, so don’t expect light and fluffy

Rug: I have this sea grass rug, which has to stay in the bedroom because 1, we have to have a floor covering there, and 2, my dogs run around like maniacs and when this rug was initially in the dining room they almost tore it apart, and finally 3, every other room already has a rug…so here she goes!

Windows: the windows are stupid. I cannot add blinds (already tried and they’re not deep enough, and the wall is an outside wall which in Pittsburgh means BRICK and I’m not messing with the curtain rods already there to owe the landlord $500 when we leave for the gaping hole I’d no doubt cause.

Budget: oh that’s cute ,you think I have a budget, which we mean I have money to spend on this. In the immortal words of Jennifer Crusie: HAR. Seriously, you can do the ORC on a lot or a little, it doesn’t make a difference , good design is good design…although I will be doing this as cheaply as possible.

Alright rehabers! A break from green beauty for something just as awesome! see you next Wednesday with progress! You can always click the One Room Challenge Link on the Right for updates!

Don’t forget to check out the INCREDIBLE list of bloggers who are the official participants here:





And all of the other great linking participants HERE!!

10 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 1!

  1. I absolutely love watching a makeover unfold in a rental property….it takes great creativity to work with the things you cannot change so I look forward to following this over the next 6 weeks!! xoxo.

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