Beauty Redfined

The basis for green and natural beauty is rooted in the idea that how you feel about how you look , and what you use on your body, is worth more than using toxic products that harm you , or empower people making a quick buck off of you. While the world of green beauty talks about bold lips, and long lashes it’s never at the expense of your health or your feelings of self worth.

Philosphy Mic Drop


This brings me to our topic for today Beauty Redefined. I’m not sure how I found this site (let’s be honestly, probably pinterest trolling), but as soon as I did I was hooked.  The site and organization is the brainchild of Lindsay Kite and Lexie Kite, 28-year-old identical twin sisters with PhDs in the study of media and body image


What is Beauty Redefine?
” Beauty Redefined represents our not-for-profit work through the Beauty Redefined Foundation (501(c)(3)) to take back beauty for girls and women everywhere through continuing the discussion about body image, women’s potential and media influence”
What a perfect match for the Green Beauty scene.

So what’s their process of redefining beauty?

  1.  Recognizing harmful messages about female bodies is the first step to taking back beauty and health for ourselves.
  2. Redefining the way we perceive our own bodies is the second step to taking back beauty and health for ourselves.
  3. Resisting harmful messages about female bodies is the final continuous step to taking back beauty and health for ourselves.

My favorite part of their work?  The Sticky Notes!! They have these sticky notes:


They go around, and stick them on mirrors in public places, or in stores where people can see them.  Can you  imagine how awesome that would be?! You’re minding your own business being like “I don’t look cute” or “I feel bad about myself” and BAM you see one of those sticky notes?! All of a sudden you’re like “I don’t look cute, good thing it doesn’t mean a damn thing” and then you go win the lottery (at least emotionally). 


Finally, Go follow them on instagram or facebook.  It’s my favorite way to see what they’re doing and they always have strong amazing messages from bad ass women like Amy Poehler with quotes about really worth and value and whats important in life.  As you’re going through your instragram feed where everyone is cuter, with nicer homes, and better calligraphy skills (just me), all of a sudden you run into one of there posts and it’s like you can finally take a deep breath, calm down, and just LIKE YOURSELF AGAIN.

I could post these all day, but these are just some of my favorites:





Go have a beautiful, wonderful, judgement free day!



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