A New Venture…

…that has nothing to do with green beauty.  When I’m not reading and playing with, and obsessing over green beauty you can usually find me looking at Pinterest, decor blogs, or craigslist.

One of my favorite events every year held by the incredible Calling It Home blog is the One Room Challenge event.

What is the ORC event?  Well about 10 rock star home designers (both pro and amatuer) who run design blogs take up the challenge to completely redesign a room , start to finish, in 6 weeks.  Former contributers include some of my favorite designers and Bloglandiers like:

Naomi of Design Manifest

Design Manifest Lounge with barnwood daybed and chinoseirie wallpaper

Erin from Design Crisis

erin williamson | design crisis


Christine from Bijou and Boheme

christine dovey piano room one room challenge


Anyways… They have amatuer hour for this event too and that’s where I come in! I add my self to the linking party of people who are trying to be Naomi’s, Erin’s, and Christine’s.

So what am I do in 6 Weeks?


Every week I post an update and at the end of the 6 weeks show the reveal! The next round starts on Thursday, October 2nd.  Excuse while I now go freak out…

Thanks for joining the non-beauty journey 🙂 (don’t worry I’ll still talk about green beauty. Like I could try to stop talking about it…)


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