Pumpkin everything, Hoodies, and Toners…AH FALL

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It’s my favorite time of the year. I would like to go on the record by saying that fall was my favorite time of the year before the Taylor Swift generation thought it was the greatest season E.V.E.R ::selfie with tongue out:: It is the season of my birth, my marriage, long distance rowing (my jam in college), hoodies and jeans, changing leaves, the harvest, being thankful…

…removing self from soap box…

Anyways…Fall is a fantastic time of year and if you live in a location like I do the air went from 90% humidity to -40% in a day flat, and your skin was like “WTF is this?! FINE , you know what? all that glowy dewy moisture you had in summer. GONE. have fun with that”

Apparently my skin is kind of a moody jerk, I hope yours isn’t. Maybe yours is like the fictional gentle grandma who gently places her hand on your shoulder and looks into your eyes and says “it’s time, dear” and with your head held high you slowly shed your dewy glow…

Then again maybe my skin is just dramatic because I am…

THE POINT BEING! The change in seasons will change your skin no doubt about it, and moisture is one of those things you stoically watch sail away from you in a sunset knowing that one day, if you love it, because you let it go, it will return to you. Maybe not this day, or the next, but soon….SOON (I’m on a roll today).

*side note if you’re in Florida you probably have until mid-February until you lose the humidity. Read this post then.

The point of this post? TONERS.  One simple product can help your skin a whole lot during the drier months especially fall when heavier moisturizers may be too thick , but you still need a little more.

NOW, there are two kinds of toners. The acidy kind (actual term….probably).  These are toners that are working to clean your skin, heal your skin, and regenerate your skin (very) simply put.  What’s good examples of these kind?

These are a few examples of active toners that work to repair ailments or skin problems.  They’re typically used once a day because of their strength and in the evening for a really strong cleanse when you’re going to supplement it with some repairitive serums or moisturizers.

What you are looking for my friends is the second group of toners.  They help with inflammation, redness, and of course..moisture!  They’re great over makeup and as a refresher throughout the day and best of all , they smell great so you get an extra boost of aromatherapy. They’re not as strong in terms of acid, but they’re just as important.  One of the best ways to distinguish OTHER THAN READING THE LABEL, is this second group is often called ‘mists’ or ‘floral essences’.

Here are a few recommendations:

The Favorite



R.L. LINDEN & CO. Thousand Petal Beautifying Mist – Hydrating Floral Toner

This is the one that everyone loves. I mean it, try to find a beauty blogger that feels anything other than devotion to this product. Oh they might try other ones, but this is the one they go back to every.single.time. It’s been used in fashion shows for NYFW and stars getting ready for the red carpet.  It’s the Hugh Jackman of Toners. Oh you are hot, can sing, are socially conscious, devoted to your wife and family, and can dance AND be an action star ( I NEVER SAID THE DIALOGUE IN WOLVERINE WAS GOOD!) you’re the total package! This toner is Hugh Jackman in a bottle. It smells great, feels great, works great, looks beautiful in it’s micron bottle, they’re American made, women owned and run,is great for even sensitive skin,and you get a ton!


The Value Buy


George’s Aloe Vera, Aloe Spray Mister

George’s is a favorite and you can’t go wrong with $5.57 for 8 oz. in a spray bottle.  It’s cooling and refreshing and super simple. Great after a mask treatment  or during the day when you need a hit of moisture.  It can spray a little heavy so it’s best on a bare face, or very light make up.  You will feel a cooling sensation when you use it. VERY refreshing!


The Surprise


Shamanuti’s Seaweed Toner

This mist caught me by surprise.  I didn’t expect to love it, or for my skin to love it as much as i did, but it was such a good combination for my skin that I think everyone should give it a try.  One reason to love it, there’s a trial size. THANK YOU VERY MUCH (you know my feelings on this) so you can try it for $10 bucks, fall in love with it, and then buy the bigger bottle and reload the smaller with the sprayer.  This is also a great product for those that don’t like ‘floral scents’. You don’t like Hugh Jackman? maybe you’re a Chris Martin kind of person all blonde, and willowy and filled with angsty music and FEELINGS.  This is really a light and clean plant smell thanks to ingredients like tea tree, kelp, aloe, and willowbark.

The New Kid


May Lindstrom Skin The Jasmine Garden

May Lindstrom, obviously not a new kid, and this product has been making the sneak peak rounds for awhile, but it’s officially launched and where May goes, so do the skin care lovers! This is a mist that gives the gift of soft, calm, dewy skin, boosts hydration, elasticity, and circulation.  And as always the scent is powerful and enticing.  If you want something warm and soothing to put on your skin to help and your senses this is the product for you.


The Aromatherapy Queen…s



Lotus Wei Energy Mists

Lotus Wei Energy Mists are very gentle and uncomplicated mists that also work to balance out your mind and energy and not just you skin. It’s like it’s all connected. WEIRD. They call their work Flower Alchemy…” Flower alchemy is simply another way of receiving the nourishing properties of plants — but instead of taking in oxygen, you’re taking in pure flower essences, suspended in water— liquid energy that transforms your mood + your mind through your acupuncture meridians”.  These are great reminders to take care of your mind, your soul, your self…all while smelling amazing.

I’ve got my eye on you Quiet Mind ( I should probably just shower in it…)


Now. I’ve only listed 5, if you’re interested in a full list check out my pinterest. Do not be overwhelmed, there are like 700. This is great becuase you have options! you can tailor to your skin, your sense of smell, and your budget.


Happy Fall rehabers! Gets to spritzin’



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