Oh Joy! Another Giveaway!!

Are you guys enjoying the labor day sales?? There’s not much time left so if you haven’t, now’s a great time to fill in the holes in your medicine cabinet.

BUT I’M NOT DONE YET!  I’m back this week with another giveaway and discount for you! Joy from Natural Joy Beauty sent over some products for me to try, and I loved them so much we decided to give some away!! It’s like the labor day that just keeps on…’labor daying’….’laboring’….they’re getting worse so I’m going to quit before it get’s too bad.


First, I want to say that I have ordered from NJB before.  So she did not contact me out of the blue and I’m not sending you somewhere I wouldn’t go (didn’t go) myself. In fact, I’m a huge NJB fan. Why you ask? How polite you are…

Heavy hitting Brands

Joy’s store has some of my all-star brands like Lauren Brooke Cosmestiques, Bumble & Bee Organic, Blissoma, Gabriel ZUZU Luxe, Aquarella, Lotus Moon, Pure Anada, Waxelene, and PRIIA just to name a few.


For a huge percentage of their products you can order samples! HALLELUJAH! Just go to the product page that you want and in the drop down size option you’ll see “trial size” where available.  It still baffles me that stores with no storefront don’t offer samples. I will not buy $100 face cream with out samples. done. end of story. sweet heaven above…


Joy’s store always has a deal , or something going one, whether it’s a coupon, or buy-one-get-one deal, to a giveaway, there’s always something exciting happening so make sure to follow her on twitter or facebook!

So what happens when Joy and TBR team up?! We give stuff away. THAT’S RIGHT. FREE STUFF. BOOYAH.

But first, some back story…

Right when I first started rehab I found Joy’s store and spent a lot of time checking for samples and looking at the different products. Some of the things I’ve found in the past from her have been the Adzuki Bean & Rose Petal Polishing Powder and the Beta Carrot 10 mask by Lotus Moon, the Pure Sensitive Skin Soothing Complex  and the Smooth A+ Moisture Serum  by Blissoma, and the new-to-me company Bumble & Bee Organic whose products are SUPER CLEAN and come from one of the most informed women in the business.

Then, I was watching NJB through twitter where they were having a great sale , so I made a big deal about it  because it WAS A SWEET DEAL PEOPLE.

Joy was either nervous, or excited by my fervor (jury’s still out) and reached out to see if I would like to try anything and do a giveaway for the TBR readers!

I of course responded with a, HELL YES, and then told her about 75 things I would try, and was like “Joy, I can’t narrow it down, you choose for me.”

Which brings us back to the the point of this post…

 Joy graciously sent me some Purple Moon Luxe perfumes in Magic, Innuendo, and Midnight; as well as the Lauren Brooke eye color in Eggplant, a deep purple matte color, and the Lauren Brooke bronzer in Golden.

First, I don’t usually wear perfume or fragrance. the first reason being because the chemical fragrances that are LSInnuendoWhBkmass-produced actually hurt my nose after cleaning out all of my products with them and secondly with using other oils on my face and body I usually smell good enough.  I didn’t even wear it for my wedding. I brought the only one I had ever rally worn before with me, took the obligatory bottle draped by the jewelry I wore and never sprayed it.

Solid clean oils though? I LIKE. First, they ebb and flow their intensity with your body heat. sexy. Secondly, they’re about a million times easier to apply. Go ahead and spray some perfume on. Get it on your neck or behind your ear without getting it near your mouth…I’ll wait…

RIGHT?!?! We won’t even go into trying to spray behind your knees, elbows, or chest….because it would get real weird, real quick.


My favorite scent was Magic. Innuendo was a little too rich for me, and midnight was just a little ‘off’  for my nose, but Magic was just that, magical.  It was the sweet spot of floral (Jasmine) and fruity (citrus)without being overpowering. my only issue is that while I got the sample size which came in cute little plastic packages, but the full size product is in a deodorant container. Now this is neither Joy’s fault, or even a deterrent for me…it’s just weird.


Bronzers2_2-12_1024x1024The bronzer I was concerned about.  I recently had tried one from a very big name and was shocked. It looked like Lisa Frank went to the Jersey shore then slapped me in the face. WHEN DID GLITTER CHUNKS COME BACK INTO STYLE??  I know young people now are INEXPLICABLY wearing acid wash cut offs with the pockets hanging out again (I’m looking are you nasty gal!) but the 90’s should not be coming back on our faces in the form of glitter.

ClearlyI was having issues.

The LBC bronzer was beautifully matte and tan, not orange. So it created a beautiful warm glow on me that I’m still using in the place of blush/contouring. The other great thing about thiEye_Colour_Trio1_2-27_1024x1024s bronzer? a little goes a looooooong way.  It is frustratingly a loose powder (I prefer the pressed for more control) but it’s another great product from the great American line.

Last but not least was the LBC shadow in eggplant.  This beautiful (but loose, grrrrr.) shadow is a true purple and I knew I’d like it as a hazel/green-eyed person.  My main question was how pigmented is it and how long will it last?

I used my coverup as an eye primer and did two looks, a subtle purple and a bold look. (Un)surprisingly, they both looked awesome, unlike my faces in the photos below!

This first picture is a natural day look with a hint of purple that used a small amount of the powder! To complete this look I used my zuzu luxe mascara and LBC bronzer on the cheeks

everday purple

These other pictures were to show the range of the shadow and just how pigmented it is.  It’s truly a day to night to costume party kind of product! (no dogs were harmed in this shoot) I used just an angled brush and the purple on my lash line and crease, zuzu luxe mascara,the LBC bronzer and the Red Apple Lipstick Honey Badger gloss in this first dramatic look:

In this second look I punched up the lip with Ilia’s orange Voila lipstick!  Please note  how quickly my ‘photo sessions’ deteriorate.

So that’s my review, now it’s time for you all!

First, go to Natural Joy Beauty and check out the LBC eye colours here, here, here and here , and bronzers, or cheek colour, then come back here and fill out the form below for your chance to win any LBC eye color and bronzer/cheek colour yourself!! The contest will run until Sunday Evening and a winner will be notified and drawn next Monday!

Until then, keep the party going and Save 15% OFF any orders they place NOW-9/30/14 with promo code: “TOXIC” no limit to number of uses during that time.


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