The Post Where I Embarrass Myself in Selfies, but the Products Are Good

The title of the post is pretty self-explanatory I know, but let me expand.  Awhile ago I was emailing with owner and GB-BA  Stephanie of the awesome Epic Beauty Bar.  As one does when they have curly hair, I could not shut up about it. Stephanie having curly hair similar to mine (although not in color) sent an email saying ‘I’ve got some Yarok you’d like.’


Soon after that conversation, this arrived on my doorstep:

surprise box


Stephanie does NOT MESS AROUND.  I thought I’d get like a two-wash sample of the Yarok Shampoo…NOPE. It’s the full-sized mousse, hairspray, serum, Lina Hanson’s Global Body Serum and eleventy billion samples of makeup.




original-33-34-yarok-feed-your-roots-hair-moose-8-fl-ozSo How are the Yarok Products? Was Stephanie right?  Turns out Home Slice knows what she’s talking about.  The Mousse is a perfect fit for my hair.  Since my hair is so light gels can be heavy and weigh it down, and most mousses (what’s the multiple of mousse….Moussen…many much moussen?!) leave me with spaghetti-crunchy hair.  It looks as pleasant as it sounds.  What’s nice about this mousse is that it’s weightless which is so important because that also equals VOLUME which is the golden ticket for curly hair. I use it when I tie my hair back, when I leave it down and curly, brush it straight, WHATEVER. It always looks good and feels light.

yarok_feed_your_hold_hair_sprayThe hair spray was a surprise for me. I tend to not use it. Unlike on my face, on my hair I’m a product-phobe. I like the best cut a girls money can get me, by Emily, to last the year and then the least amount of product as possible. In the interest of using the gift and research (yeah twist my arm), I used it on normal curly-down hair days, twist hair days and ‘up-do’s’ (read: ponytail). Again with the great products…the hairspray holds, without damage, and when I wanted a looser look, I would brush it out with my fingers, and this would keep the shape of the curl without being frizzy or stiff. Another winner.

*I haven’t had a chance to use the Serum, so no opinion as of yet

lina-hanson-global-body-serum-pThe Global Body Serum is LUXE. It smells luxe, it feels luxe, and it tastes…just kidding. I use this right after dry brushing, or when I’m out of the shower in the mornings. The best way to use this is right out of the shower, because the oil is so thick and wait-for-it…LUXE, having the water help thin out and absorb into the skin is key.  As for the smell…if there’s one thing that Lina Hanson can do (there’s actually a ton of things she can do very well) It’s create products that smell incredible.  I’ve used her face serum before and wanted to fill a pool with it and swim in it everyday.  This global body serum is just as good with a warm and smooth texture and smell that’s like a Vanilla Creamsicle chock full of incredible oils that do great things for your skin..

The Makeup Samples

Stephanie threw in 14 makeup samples for me to try, and let me put it this way…I went a little crazy. Now, some of the samples were for the same product (i.e. foundation) but just in a different shade. But needless to say I had a great time creating different looks and taking embarrassing pictures.

I Should mention first, that with the samples came the note saying “I confess, I’m hoping to get some crazy faces out of it” Well luckily for Stephanie and the gang at EBB that’s pretty much my MO.

So here are the looks I created, all the products I used are listed below. Note that The mascara was ZuZuLuxe’s Onyx and Eyebrow gel by Jane Iredale,:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Alright TBR-er’s go out and have a great Wednesday and be happy you don’t come across like a manic in your selfies like me, and stop by Epic Beauty Bar for great products , including my favorites that I’d repurchase from this haul:

Vapour Stratus Skin Perfector 903:

It helped my makeup stay in place from 7:30am to 6:00pm when I washed it off

Yarok Mousse:

Such light hold but kept the curls light and fluffy

Yarok Hairspray:

a gentle, flexible, but strong hold

Global Body Serum:

a luxe daily treat

W3ll People Universalist Stick in 8:

A luscious warm pink. looks good light, or dark

W3ll People Universalist Stick in 2:

An everyday product!

W3LL People Nudist Lipshine in 7:

Not only a great product but an excellent base for under other colors


*Disclaimer: Stephanie from EBB generously sent me these products and did not demand I review or talk about them. Also, I’m a big fan of EBB as mentioned here and here so I turned this post into a review/shout out combo.

4 thoughts on “The Post Where I Embarrass Myself in Selfies, but the Products Are Good

  1. I love your selfies!! Great reviews–I also love, love, love that Lina Hanson body serum, though I don’t think I style my hair enough to fully appreciate the Yarok products (bedhead everyday…).

    1. Jade, Lina Hanson products always smell so amazing. I like her face serum scent more, but this one is also delicious. The Yarok Mousse is really great for easy hair dos actually. Like I mentioned, after the shower I need about three pumps, toussle the hair it gives my hair traction and body without being crunchy or greasy. If you get a chance you should try it! ps. bedhead is totally a look 😀

  2. Warning, I am about to rhyme, Haiku-style:
    Dearest Sue
    How I do love you
    Not quite a Haiku, but I like it nevertheless and stand in awe of your epicly hilarious and thorough command of the goods! I loved the selfies. You are one gorgeous curly-headed woman!
    Steph x

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