Happy Monday Rehabers!  The radio silence last week was due to a VERY busy and exhausting work schedule (college freshmen, man…), visiting family, and an intricate calligraphy order (you can see a sneak peek on my instagram).  Life doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon with calligraphy orders, the start of the academic year and more family visits but I’m not complaining. I think of it as life being FULL 🙂





Today’s post is about a favorite brand, CV Skinlabs, and another product of theirs, the Restorative Skin Balm.

What is it?

It’s a one-hundred percent natural, non-petrolatum, cure-all balm instantly softens severely dry and chapped skin. Perfect for eczema, scars, lips and cuticles and is a favorite among green beauty bloggers and  celebrity makeup artists.

This petrolatum-free, nourishing salve moisturizes and helps protect from environmental aggressors. Instantly softens severely dry, rough and chapped skin including lips, cuticles, eczema, cuts, scrapes, IV areas, abrasions, chaffing, new scars and any other areas needing TLC.

What’s not in it?

It’s 100 % free of synthetic fragrances & dyes, parabens, formaldehyde, 1,4-dioxiane, hydroquinone, phthalates, mineral oil/petrolatum, silicones, propylene glycol, SLS/SLES, PEG/PPG, triclosan, disodium EDTA, hydroquinone, talc, MEA-DEA-TEA or chemical sunscreens.


Key Ingredients?

+Calendula, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Arnica—a powerful trio of plant-based antioxidants, fat-soluble vitamins and sesquiterpene lactones (a class of naturally occurring plant terpenoids), all of which are known for their healing, immune boosting, antiseptic and skin-regeneration properties.
+Carnauba + Bee’s Wax—safeguards the moisture barrier.
+Vitamin E—powerful, proven antioxidant; aids in wound healing.

How do I use it?

This is a very popular ingredient during the winter time and that’s when you hear the most about it, but it’s really a year round product.  So despite the winter time chapped lips and dry hands here’s how I use it during the warmer climes:

  • Pre-lipstick treatment: glosses and sheers look OK on any kind of lip, but I love a bold lip, and especially when using natural lipsticks that don’t stick in place due to chemicals I don’t want to ingest, a smooth lip is  A MUST.  The best way to use this is the night before I’m going to wear lipstick.  I put it on my lips before bed, and when I wake up in the morning scrub my lips, and they’re silky smooth!  The lipstick looks great and the coverage even.
  • Burns: Normally when thinking of cracked skin that needs healing you think winter. I get it, but let me ask you this…How’s that sun burn treating you? yeah I KNOW IT’S GOING TO TURN INTO A TAN (so we tell ourselves) and you WERE TOTALLY WEARING SUNSCREEN, but you still get burned (new eco-pop song title?!) this is a great balm , especially for the small areas like the top of your ears, neck, and in between your chest…yup…boob burn.
  • Chapped lips: This bottle is small, but most applications I use the teeniesttiniestlittlebit and that’s all I need.  Chapped lips due to dehydrated AC air, or not drinking enough water? My Lips absorb Skin Balm like nobody’s business and stay smooth for a long, long, time. It’s a small tube, so it’s easy to fit in your purse, pocket, or travel bag too!


Where can I get it?

All my favorite places! You can always order from their site, Yinzers can walk in and get it from either of these two locations:

Hillman Cancer Center, 1st floor
5115 Center Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Hair Enhancements
2891 West Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15216


Or from a favorite small online specialty retailer like Epic Beauty Bar.


An Update:

calming moisture

Remember our CV Skinlabs contest winner Katherine?  Well I checked back in with her the other day to see how she’s liking the Calming Moisture (which, BTW, I used right after a mask last night. HEAVEN), here’s what she had to say:

“Omg yes!!! I actually used the heck out of the Calming Moisture not too long ago! Unfortunately I had a momentary lapse of judgement and forgot to wear sunscreen while I was out side at the lake. I got burned!!! Luckily I had this moisturizer with me. I would apply a cold green tea/water mixture with a cotton pad on my shoulders and face ( the places that got burned) and then this moisturizer. I recalled that the first ingredient was aloe so I thought it would help. Thought it didn’t help with the pain it help to keep some moisture in my crispy skin. And like you said it is just fabulous after a mask too!!”


Here’s another great product for you! Check out more information on the CV Skinlabs site, follow her twitter for awesome updates and have a great Monday!





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