Friday Links

Guess what day it is ? Guys, guys, what day is it? It’s FRI-DAY!!!  Woo hoo, I’m Looking forward to some calligraphy this weekend, maybe some kayaking, and definitely some puppy snuggling. BLISS.  I put together a handle of links to get you through the weekend and we have a fun post coming up for monday woo hoo!

Also, am I the only one when I watch the commercial  I think “If I was that co-worker I’d yell at the camel ‘no one cares ’til it’s friday!’ and make him go away”?


Microbeads suck. Illinois agrees.

Find out more about Meow Meow Tweet co-founder Tara Miller.

You know I love dogs, and I grew up in Connecticut, so this particularly hits close to home.

The Last ‘A Night For Green Beauty’ Box sign up list is available and it’s GOOD. Get on that!

Mind Body Green on alternatives to Botox cause you don’t need it. period.

A favorite green skin care line is now coming out with makeup…uh oh…

29 Cats Who Failed So Hard They Won



Have a great weekend!





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