Yinzer Beauty

This post is for all the local Yinzers (Pittsburghers) out there.

One of the greenest Salons in the city has been named Best Salon in Pittsburgh for the year!! Can you guess who?!(The giant picture immediately below should help)…




Tula Organic Salon & Spa

That’s right! Our resident Makeup artist Emily and her fabulous salon are the best salon in the city ( I could have told you that).  From sugaring, to Manuka honey in her facials, to just looking and feeling amazing when you walk out of the salon it’s no wonder why.

Whats to love about Tula?  Let me tell you…



Sugaring is an all natural method of hair removal which utilizes a pliable paste made from sugar, lemon and water. Sugaring removes the entire hair shaft as well as the bulb with little to no breakage, leaving the skin soft, healthy and smooth for weeks. Waxing can cause breakage at skin level resulting in stubble regrowth or ingrown hairs.

This treatment is one of the least painful methods of removing unwanted hair, as sugar paste is kept at room temperature and will not adhere to the skin. This prevents the painful bruising, tearing and burning that can sometimes be associated with traditional waxing. Since sugar paste is natural and contains no chemicals or resins, it can be removed with water alone. Over time, regular treatments (every 3-4 weeks) result in a gradual diminishing of hair growth.



True Story: I walked into Emily’s salon with Hair like this:



Walked out looking like this:



What I said to her?: I’d like it short and to look good with my face when it’s curly AND straight.  that’s it.






Going to the salon is A FUN and a happy outing.  You sit down on their vintage lounge area in the front of the store, listen to great music, drink tea, read magazines, talk with  people, eat lunch, just hang out and enjoy people who are happy and having a good time and looking great.  They encourage you to stay, come back even if you don’t need your haircut (I know this for a fact because I threatened too this and all they said was “please do! that’d be great”), and just enjoy some time to yourself in a place that’s all about being healthy and feeling good.

The Women

“Above all, she believes in empowering women by showing them how to enhance their natural beauty”

“True beauty is best attained through green business practices, pure organic products, and a loving relationship with the local community”

“Be yourself, and beauty will follow”

“When not at the salon, she can be found riding her bike, working on collaborative printmaking projects, or reading whatever books she can get her hands on”

Tell me you do not want to be friends with these people, never mind have them cut your hair?!  Which is exactly what going to Tula is like; especially if you care about the products you use and where you spend your money and who you support. It’s  like paying your best friend who also cares about these things to make you feel great about your hair and yourself



GO ahead and make an appointment or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and visit their site!



Alright you lucky Yinzers, go support local business AND green business AND businesses run and own by women! Have a great Wednesday and if you can, head on over to the salon!





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