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unnamedI just got back from a week of vacation so I’m pretty much bouncing off the walls.  It was a great vacation and included rusticating in a little a-frame in upstate new York and visiting my family for the 4th who DO NOT MESS AROUND at partying.  Let’s just say My throat is sore from singing. loudly. around the block.



Today is a very special day here at TBR, it’s the first ever guest post  by friend and hilarious blogger Carrie from over at Growing Humans. I’ve known her for decades at this point and  love hearing what she has to say and her perspective on life and motherhood.  You read her posts and go “That’s E.X.A.C.T.L.Y what I was thinking…only much, much, funnier.” She also creates the sweet floral wreaths which she models on her adorable daughter at her Etsy shop.  She’s a big dry shampoo fan so after our conversation a few weeks ago on dry shampoo I sent her some to try and review.  She was most excited about the Skinny Skinny Rose and Black Pepper scent so that’s what she got, because Mama Sue delivers.

Read her review below!





Rose and Black Pepper is a slightly spicy scent with a nice amount of floral. It's perfect for men and women.
Rose and Black Pepper is a slightly spicy scent with a nice amount of floral. It’s perfect for men and women.

I consider myself a Dry Shampoo Fan in that some days I like being lazy.

Ok, most days.
Like maybe 50% of the days.
I was pleasantly surprised to learn, while testing the SkinnySkinny Organic Dry Shampoo powder in Rose and Black Pepper, that the gamey and dry feeling after using drugstore a spray dry shampoo isn’t just something I have to live with.
Well, first I was confused.
The SkinnySkinny Dry Shampoo comes in loose powder form in a little shaker container that seems easy enough to use. I could tell I was going to be a spaz about it though. I COULD JUST TELL. There was going to be wrist maneuvers and using my left hand and blindly sprinkling powder onto the back of my head involved.
But, you know what? The first time I used it, I think I still managed to nail it. They suggest using a powder brush if you can’t handle shaking a plastic cylinder over your head. Because: reasons.
Anyway, so I sprinkled the dust onto my head, waited a minute, massaged it into my scalp and gave my (thin, shoulder length, red, day-old-dirty) hair a thorough brushing.
At first, like I said, I was confused. I thought maybe I hadn’t used enough product because while my hair felt less greasy, it didn’t look like how it looks when I use aerosol dry shampoos– there was no texture change or volume added.
It took me 4 hours into my work day to decide that this was actually fine for me.
With other, cheaper, more toxic, dry shampoo products, I would find myself having to either rebrush or reapply all together mid way through the day because the product build up would become too gnarly.
Nothing like this happened with SkinnySkinny. My hair was shiny, soft, and smelled lovely but not over-poweringly of anything. All day.
I woke up this morning and decided to apply for a second day to see what would happen. STAND BACK, I’M ABOUT TO DO SCIENCE.
Like I said, I have thin hair and going two days with no washing is usually a recipe for disaster or the beginning of dreadlocks, depending on your stance on the topic.
After applying the SkinnySkinny dry shampoo powder on the second day, I found that my hair is STILL WEARABLE. Now, I do feel like my hair on this second day feels like how my hair would feel on a first day of no washing. There is definite oil at the roots that even the brushing couldn’t combat, but I think if you are okay with a pony tail or probably even if you have thicker hair, two days of no washing would be no problem using this product. If I had thicker hair or less humidity in the air, I would maybe even venture to try THREE DAYS of no washing.
I’m not that brave, though.
The product, as I mentioned, smells amazing. It is pricey but you get what you pay for–and in this case, you get a true rose scent with a bit of unique pepper kick. Rose is a trendy scent right now and it can go very wrong very quickly and it went right with this product. The powder also felt GOOD on my scalp. It sat fine, did not leave any residue or powder color in my hair, nor did it cause any skin irritation.
I am about to go to Maine for a week on vacation with my entire family and I WILL be bringing this product with me–thanks Sue!
I hope you enjoyed the review, had a great 4th, and have a great Monday!

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