Friday Round Up

The posts this week have been slow…alright non-existent, but I had a rush calligraphy (didn’t you know I’m a calligrapher) order come in Monday that had to be done in days and I can barely move my hand right now, never mind been able to write posts at the beginning of the week.

So here’s a Friday round up of great green beauty links to get you through the weekend and to make up for me being MIA.


HOW DID YOU SURVIVE? probably fine…


  1. Spirit Beauty Lounge is having  a Flash Sale today only until midnight! YUP, one of the best places to buy green beauty online is taking 20% OFF any* $75+ order w/code FSF062714 before midnight! (* some restrictions may apply).   Have something you’ve been hovering your mouse over the buy button? Now’s a great time to do it!
  2. Speaking of Sales: RMS Beauty is having one of their own  going on now! 20% off your order with the code SUMMERSALE20 
  3. If I have to see one more picture of a Kardashian’s face being contoured I may go crazy.  Look contouring is great, but it’s SO MUCH MAKEUP, and dirty make up too, and so many steps.  W3ll People has a video tutorial up of how to contour using two, THAT’S RIGHT. TWO. products that are super awesome and green, will make you look like Kardashian’s natural-less-high-maintenance-cousin, AND is matched for your face shape.  Thank you green beauty gods.
  4. Microbeads are back in the news for being terrible all around. It’s like I know what I’m talking about.
  5. Are you heading to A Night For Green Beauty?!?! Well why the hell not?!?! I’m not going , but luckily Emily is and I’m super jealous, but Los Angeles is out of range for me (sadly so are my vacation days), but you can still get one of their Deluxe Beauty Boxes with Goodebox. The next one comes up on 6/30 and you HAVE to sign up for when it goes live because they sell out hella fast (don’t judge me for saying hella). For $100, which is hoenstly what I could spend on pillows, you get 6 AMAZING green beauty products from some of the best brands, and the one of 6/30 is going to be a doozy.  It’s even got La Bella Figura’s own Modern Raidence Concentrate in it which alone is worth more than the $100. HOTDAMN. To make it even better, The money for the box goes towards Baby2Baby organization.
  6. Red Apple Lipstick fans finally got a glimpse into their new Lash Project Masacara!  It’s got a relesase date (July 31st) and pictures….oooooh…..aaaaaaah…..





Have a great weekend and don’t forget to follow me on Feedly or Bloglovin…just click the links below!


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