Don’t Wash Your Hair

You’ve heard it by now right? You’re not supposed to wash your hair everyday.  Toxic shampoos are filled with chemicals that strip your hair, do damage to the eco-system, cause build up, and can damage your hair.  Even using too much clean shampoo and conditioner can be too much for your hair. It strips the hair of oils that keep it healthy, dry out your scalp, and causes breakage.

So what do you do?!

Stop washing your hair, duh.

Wait that’s gross. I’ve even read about lots of women who will get a blow out and then not wash their hair for a week…

Shocked Dog


Not only is that economical, but it also allows you style your hair how you want, with keeping it as healthy as possible ESPECIALLY IF YOU COLOR YOUR HAIR.

So how do you not become a total grease ball?? I don’t know.  Honestly, How people go a week without washing their hair is amazing and awe-inspiring to me. TEACH ME SENSEI. Also, these women tend to have straight hair.  Not washing curly hair is another thing all together.

Dry Shampoo is the answer to your prayers.  And don’t worry that you can’t find any while you’re trying to go green.

I GOT YOUR BACK.  Well Your head to be accurate.

Here are four great options for you for clean-mean-dry shampoo:


Skinny Skinny: I love the scents for this line.  They have four unique scent combinations that won’t overpower your hair, or make you feel like you bathed in baby powder-like cloying sweetness.  Also, the typical ‘green beauty’ scents of lavender and Jasmine are there, and this is slightly sacriligous to say in this crowd, but I don’t really like those scents (iknowiknowiknow) so the rose and grapefruit and spices are a great option:

  • Rose & Black Pepper
  • Lavender & Rosemary
  • Jasmine
  • Grapefruit & Cardamom

Skinny Skinny also has travel sizes which are great for travel (duh Sue) as well as trying a scent or new product out.

Acure: Acure is possibly my favorite brand for green and lower price range products. When I am washing my hair, with water and stuff, I use their most days.  Their dry shampoo is no different.  Good price point, Effective, and even those it has essential oil of jasmine in it, I think it smells more like almonds (granted this might be an indication of a problem with my olafactory organs).

One Love Organics: You know I love me some OLO. So much so I took it to Spain. This dry shampoo is a brand new product for OLO and is part of a limited time summer release that has green beauty enthusiasts fan-girling all over the place. This means that there’s not a lot of feedback on the actual product yet, but that wouldn’t stop me, everything they put out is awesome and smells great so your chances of loving this product are incredibly high. I’d mosey on over. stat.

Lulu Organics: Lulu Organics is a brand that (shame on me) I haven’t mentioned much, but they make me feel very Mother-Earth-Inner-Godess-Warrior-esque. It might be because on the packaging for the dry shampoo there is an art nouveau naked women who is standing around being awesome. ASONEDOES. They also have a great selection of scents such as:


Don’t forget the well-priced travel size options for trying and traveling with the dry shampoo. Their travel sizes only come in two scents, LAVENDER + CLARY SAGE and JASMINE though.


Finally, you can DIY this!  My favorite DIY recipe comes from green beauty extraordinaire Britanie on her blog Beauty By Britanie. Find the post HERE.




Alright you dirty birds, go get dirty the green way and let me know how you like the dry shampoo!







2 thoughts on “Don’t Wash Your Hair

  1. Sue- great post! I really really wanna try the OLO dry shampoo actually. The ingredients are pretty unique as far as dry shampoos go. The only thing that’s helped me wash my hair less is RAHUA. That stuff is a miracle. I use the volumizing one and can easily go 3-4 days without washing my hair, and not even need dry shampoo!

    1. You have to let me know if you try any of these, particularly the one love. I’m going to have a review of the skinny skinny one soon, so stop back and check for that one! Tell me more about the Rahua. I’ve done my reading and research on it, but I’d love to know your thoughts more. Feel free to send an email to!

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