This Vs. That

So you’re committed to going green with the products you put on your body.

You’ve probably stuck spinach in a smoothie more than once.

You own a yoga mat (no comment on what you actually use it for)

But you still can’t bring yourself to give up that one product.


Make up isn’t what makes you beautiful, or valuable, but finding a product with the perfect color, texture, staying power, is hard to let go of. You’re comfortable with it, gain confidence from how slamming your cheekbones look, or slick you lips look while you’re delivering diatribes on misogyny or current economic issues…(Just me?! got it).

The point? If you don’t want to let go of a few favorites KEEP ‘EM, but know that there’s a new favorite out there for you that has what you love about your old product and more, like safe products, local ingredients, and love.

The first This vs. That is  Dior’s Crush Glow 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palette:



These pretty palettes have a subtle luster with a smooth texture, are easy to throw you in your bag and purse and with the multiple-but-complimentary colors you can create a lot of different looks that all work together, and it will cost you $45 – $60…for eyeshadow.

FEAR NOT , I’ve found you a replacement that goes above and beyond the original; Jane Iredale’s PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple (shown in Golden Girl) which is only $28 by the way.


These highly pigmented shadows are easy to blend, sensitivity-tested, and they stay put for gorgeous, crease-free, long-lasting eye color.

Gentle, safe for sensitive eyes and formulated with good-for-the-skin ingredients they can be applied wet or dry to compliment any look great for shading, highlighting, contouring and lining; Every day looks and dramatic looks alike.

I like it so much I’m even wearing it today.  No picture though, thanks to bad cell phone camera.

It looked like this…only less blond…and MUCH more tired (original image care of Jane Iredale’s website).


Want to know how to use this product?  You can check out Jane’s own website tutorial here or watch this how-to video from celebrity make up Lisa Eldridge ( careful, her videos are addicting), just replace the Dior for the Iredale and you’re ready to go!







Enjoy your new favorite!



One thought on “This Vs. That

  1. Love!! I have yet to purchase Iredale products, but I have had them applied before, and they are phenomenal. Thanks Sue!

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