I was trying to come up with a fun, witty title for the post and then I’m like…“let me use the one people will actually pay attention to”…but I’m gonna make you work for it…or read for it rather, because there’s a few things to talk about before I get into the details of FREE STUFF.

1. Monday

Holy Hell what was that about?! I couldn’t catch my breath for a second (hence why this post is on a Tuesday, not a Monday).

Even Greta was NOT amused:


2. Christopher Drummond Mascara

This is a new find for me. You know I scour all the resources, and do hours of reading of other blogs and sites and after hearing A LOT about the Christopher Drummond duo phase concealar, I threw my hat in the ring.  Now, they have A LOT of great products, and I will talk about all of them, and their product information is clear and their makeup is pigmented and STAYS, but the biggest shocker of the group is their mascara. Take a look at these eye lashes

mascara1 mascara2

I don’t even try to make normal faces any more.

What’s so awesome about those lashes?





I will be doing many-a-face with this mascara, but mostly I couldn’t believe how much was on the brush and then on my lashes with clumping. This is like one swipe per eye. crazyness.

3. My burn

Last week I talked to you about Celsus Bio-Intelligence Cream and it’s magical, ethical, and organical*  so I thought I’d show you just how amazing it is.

First is a picture of the day I burned my arm. This picture was taken pre-rolling around like fake soccer player (go HERE for an explanation, there is one I swear).


This picture was from yesterday.  After an application twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening before bed:


It went from blistery, to red, to raw, to pink, to healed in 7 days and not one gross chemical. go me.

Well…really go them, but go me for being smart enough to buy them.

4. Giveaway

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT. On to what you actually want. You know how I can’t shut up about mention CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture all the time, well CV Skinlabs is offering a giveaway to a Rehaber!  That’s you! You get a free, full-sized, Calming Moisture to slather all over your face in glee.  You’ve heard me say it once, but it’s worth repeating.  This is an American woman owned-woman/run company from a Cancer survivor who is a beautiful person inside and out and created a STAND OUT product.

Look, I could have kept my greedy hands on it, but I didn’t I’m giving it to you.

So How do you win?!?!

Easy.  Fill out the form below by Sunday at Midnight and the Winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday’s blog post!

Look at my sweet Vanna White SKills

calming moisture

Have a great day and good luck on the Giveaway!



4 thoughts on “Giveaway

    1. Making something new a habit is always the hardest part. They recommend that you use it multiple times a day, but use it when you remember as much as you can and you’ll still be in a good spot. It will take longer, but it will still do all kinds of good stuff for you!

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