Green Beauty in Madrid

As you might know I was recently on a work trip to Madrid, Spain.  The city is beautiful, and the best thing about it was the incredible artwork that is just bursting from the seams of the city.  If you ever go, make sure you go to the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum.  In one building you can see everything from Classical Rubens to Modern Lichentenstein’s.

This, however is not my travel art blog (shortest blog on the internet), but my toxic beauty rehab blog, so I thought I’d let you in on what I used for skin care and makeup as I traveled.

The Goals:

I was only packing a carry-on for 10 days or so, so my full beauty arsenal was not coming with me, I wanted to pack light and If I needed to carry-on a bag versus checking it I wanted the option.  Giant liquid Bottles out. 

I was going to a chic European Capital city and wanted to blend in as much as possible, especially since I was a female traveling alone and I don’t have years of formal Castillian Spanish under my belt. Looking chic was a SAFETY thing guys. I went for a minimal look with a little pow.

Madrid has 40,000 locations with the word ‘Sol’ or ‘sun’ in it. Sunscreen was a must. 

Madrid is also a windy city being on top of a flat plain in the Mediterranean so moisture is a must too. Please note, this rational was very smart, but did not extend to my thoughts about wardrobe, I was gold a lot in Madrid because who needs a jacket when it’s cold and windy? ::face palm::

Cleansing had to be easy with as few products as possible, but still must get everything off including the sunscreen.

Dream Team Products:

BB Cream:  BB creams are both moisturizing, protecting, and color correct any circles or blemishes you may have from flying for seven hours and arriving six hours earlier than your body’s clock and having to remain awake for that time because JET LAG. In the words that I always assume makes Emily, resident make up artist, shudder: Slap some bb cream on your face and the skin is protected, moisturized, and looks even. I used Jane Iredale’s Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer (that smells like fruit by the way).

Sunscreen:  If I wanted an extra dose of sun protection if I knew I was going to be walking around the city all day, and not in the Metro (trust me, I know that sucker like the back of a Serum Label by now) I used the beloved Devita Sunscreen I mentioned before.  Again, because it’s so lightweight I could layer it under my BB cream that I still wanted (because I don’t have 23-year-old skin anymore thankyouverymuch), it was heavy on my face.

Mascara + Curler: So here’s my thing about curling my lashes, it’s weird,  I like the results , but I don’t like it.  When I use it, it’s like I’m being high maintenance. Without it, i’m just using some mascara to make me look awake…it doesn’t make sense, I know, but I brought the curler because I’m on a use-it kick right now. Use, Don’t, I say do what you want with your eyelashes. MOVING ON. I spent about 10 seconds on both lashes and then applied mascara.

Since I was going for natural day time looks I brought along my (also sweet-smelling) ZUZU Luxe mascara. Will you have Disney princess eyelashes that hit your glasses lens’? NOPE. Will each separate lash look long, dark, and defined? YUP…. DONE.

Lip Color: So I’m a lip color person. I like wearing reds and plums and oranges and am more likely do so over adding more eye makeup.  So I used the easy/favorite lip crayon from my homies up in Clementine Fields, Ilia’s Lip Crayon in 99 Red Balloons. It’s a pinkish red and with one swipe looks like a subtle lip stain, a few layers (and blotting, people!) it’s a bold lip. perfect for day to-night, or Museum to Tapas.

That was it for makeup! easy easy.

Skin care:

Two Products. YUP. Two. You can probably guess one of them…

Cleansing: At the end of the day you want to get everything off, then exfoliate, and tone, then heal, then moisturizer.  To take care of the first two I used One Love Organics Morning Glory: Brand New Day Scrub and Masque. I’m 99% sure this scrub is fruity pebbles pulverized and put into a pretty bottle. Here are the reasons this was a perfect travel buddy:

  • It Smells Like pulverized fruity pebbles
  • It’s a finely ground powder that foams and becomes soap like when you add water and rub on your face
  • It gently exfoliates

*note: I did not use this in the morning, I in fact used nothing in the morning.  This is a powerful cleanser/scrubber and it would have been too much for my skin to use it all the time.

Moisturizing: Did you guess it? Well if you said CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture you were right! This means 2 things: you read my blog and I talk about this product probably a little too much. I Digress.  I brought this because after the harsh scrubbing to get everything off my face, this is what calm my skin and moisturize it. If the days was really dry and windy, a second coat put everything back to normal.  I used it on my face, around my eyes, any place that got too much sun, hands, EVERYWHERE.

Travel Products: First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads. These suckers came onto the plane with me.  I didn’t wear makeup on the plane so if you were in the airport and saw someone looking shell-shocked, chances are they saw the circles under my eyes after my lack of sleep. So when I needed a freshening up I used these pads for two reasons.

  • They’re Clean!  I don’t like that they’re not organic or open about their sourcing, but the ingredient list looks pretty good, more so than others out there.
  • Their tiny packages are perfect for travel.  I didn’t have to take a giant pack of 700 in my carry-on , or suitcase. The packages have 7 pads in each, so nothing has to get dried out, they can be slipped into a purse, back, etc. I bought mine on Amazon, because it ended up that in these little packages they’re cheaper than buying them whole.





So there you go! How to travel to Spain…greenly!




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