talking to little girls about make up

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I’m refusing for this Monday to suck with brute determination and force. Monday. Heck yeah!!

 How was your weekend . I went to some local open homes and learned that most people smell terribly.

Today I wanted to talk about young girls and beauty. This was a conversation that came up about a month ago when I was talking with some amazing women about this exact subject at a party for a friend.  We all have a memory of learning about makeup, and hearing people talk about how you look. For me, I remember adults telling me how beautiful I looked and my mom getting ready to go out to dinner by ‘fluffing’ her hair out, putting on some red lipstick and spritzing on some Opium (born in the 80’s)*. The startling fact is that YOUNG girls are wearing a lot of makeup sooner than we all think.  This New York Times article mentions that “From 2007 to 2009, the percentage of girls ages 8 to 12 who regularly use mascara and eyeliner nearly doubled — to 18 percent from 10 percent for mascara, and to 15 percent from 9 percent for eyeliner. The percentage of them using lipstick also rose, to 15 percent from 10 percent.”

You do not need makeup, young girls don’t need it, but if you want it you can enjoy it without using products that harm you and tout a paradigm of unattainable youth and sexuality. We as women have learned this, some of us were lucky to always know this, but what about the young girls in our lives and that we meet?

There is a great article by Lisa Bloom called ‘How To Talk To Little Girls’ that instigated the initial conversation. The gist is that we talk to little girls about how they LOOK not what they DO, or THINK. So do we refuse to talk about makeup? Make it bad? How do we talk to little girls about makeup and explain our choices to wear it? Here are some of the ways I’ve learned:

“I like it, but I don’t need it.”

“This is my shark fighting makeup”

“This is my monster fighting makeup”

“One of my favorite funny & smart characters in a book has red lips & I want to be like her”

“This special lipstick is made with beets and oils which help me be healthy”

Use it not just when you want to look ‘beautiful’ or ‘sexual’ but when you want to look like a cat, or a pirate, or alien

 The great thing about your own natural makeup that your child can use, is that when you have a little girl, or boy, who wants to use it you don’t have to feel bad about the products you’re giving them. Here are some great kid friendly products for those who want their own:

 Piggy paints & keeki Pure and Simple are two nail polish brands from the Nail Spring Trend post that are water based, have fun colors, and safe to use on little nails.

kids nails

My other favorite option is to make it a science project where they can make their own!  One of my favorite places for DIY cosmetics is:

She has a lot of great recipes from foundation (not that your kid needs it!) to blush to eye shadow.

oo whisperOsmia Organics Lip Tint:  This is a beloved company for many reasons, but one of the reasons why I think this is good for using with kids is because one of the first things you’re introduced to as a young kid is those brightly colored fruit (or soda?!?!) flavored chapsticks/lip glosses (bonnebell anyone?!).  OO has three lip tints in fun shades and easy to use tubes with a pretty purple flower on it. The second reason OO is great to combine with your kids is because Owner and Cheif Badass Officer loves her children, takes them on adventures, and fills her instagram page with love about her happy, smart, and healthy kids.  Aligning your children to her family and products is a great way to keep little girls healthy and focusing on being awesome, not just beauty.

*It should be noted that my mother is a total Badass, who is incredibly smart, generous, and never made me think, never showed me, and never taught me that I had to wear makeup, or that being beautiful was  most important. In fact if you could all help me in getting her to stop drillig me when I’m getting my PhD. that would be awesome.kthanksbye.




What do you say? Or Do? regarding little kids and makeup?

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