Notice Anything New?

Well Do ya?

If not, look up

no no no, not the ceiling ::facepalm:: to the header of the blog
(I guess I can’t be mad that you listened too well)

That’s ME!!!

This past weekend I had my very first photo shoot with the TBR team as we prep for more exciting things to come this blog way.

I did this because I really wanted representation of myself on the blog and I wanted it to be a little more fun like my personality.  Here are some of my favorites from the shoot:

Aren’t those so fun and amazing! I’m so excited about them!

Here’s how it all happened.

1. Tape black sheet in insanely helpful friends empty basement

2. Have friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends children throw holi** powder at your face

3. Make strange faces while this is going on

4. Have awesome photographer capture strange faces

5. Strut around like this:

I learned something during this shoot too.  If you’re going to have pictures taken, practice beforehand.  This is a common piece of advice out there in the Democratic Republic of Bloglandia, but it’s one to take seriously, more seriously than I did. Get to know your face and what looks good. At one point we came up with the term Prugly*, you know Pretty Ugly, cause I got the ugly down pat, I had to learn how to soften that up to not scare people.  Look, I’m not being modest. don’t believe me? Fine:

I look like I just murdered clowns or my little ponies

So who made this awesome shoot happen?

Emily Askin is an amazing woman.  You know her as a TBR team member but she also did my makeup for this shoot, offered her house for the shoot, connected us with the fantastic Photography,lighting, and producing pros, and threw the holi powder at my face (this might have been slightly therapeutic for her).

We kept the face simple and clean and used a few green favorites:

Red Apple Lipstick Lip Liner in “Almost Red”

Physicians Formula Fake Out Mascara

RMS Beauty’s Un-coverup in 22

Eyebrows were complimentary filled by having holi powder stick to my hairs.  Trust me, by the end of this  everyone’s eyebrows we’re looking real good (particularly Casey, she has the best eyebrows).

Chris Goodman was the photographer for this shoot.  You should check out his other work on his Flickr page, AFTER reading this post. get back here. duh. Chris has an amazing ability to make his work look artistic but maintaining a realism that allows you to understand and feel like you’re a piece of his pictures. He was incredibly chill, so easy to take pictures for, and supportive of me asking questions like “Is that good prugly or bad prugly?”

Cayce Mell was the site manager…producer…”It woman”?!!? what’s the term for the person who does everything? I have no idea, I come from athletics and education, help me out.  Anyways… Cayce is incredibly talented as an artist and filmmaker herself and joined this project wholeheartedly standing behind what we do, and what we’re creating with this site.  When I say she did everything , I mean it.  She set up shots, provided and hung the backdrop, stylized the set area, threw holi powder on my face, fixed lighting, tested out the holi powder…legit everything.  She was also slightly less excited about throwing stuff at my face than Emily, which I appreciated.

Cayce also came with a side kick, her daughter Ava.  Ava is a great kid, and I mean this in the best possible way, as in , she’s a great person, not just she’s great because she’s a kid.  She was super helpful with coming up with her own ideas, throwing holi powder on me and in the background, enjoying herself and being creative, and didn’t complain once in the 5 hours in this shoot. GO AVA (and her parents).

The Gang:

Chris, Emily, Me, Ava, Cayce




* SHAKESPEARE! ::wheatgrass shot::

** I KNEW you were going to ask this, but we did check the ingredients on the holi powder. CLEAN. 😀


Stick around because we’re back to business in our next posts on great products to try, general green information, and where to find these great products.


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