Where to Shop

First, a few things.

Happy Earth day!  What a fantastic place to spend your earth day! talking about green beauty, purchasing things from socially responsibly companies, rubbing your face with non-toxic, of-the-earth products. Go on, be THAT SMUG PERSON today.

The weather this weekend was so perfect you could have smacked me in the back of the head with a  2 x 4 and I would have barely noticed. Living in Florida you forget the joy at the changing of seasons, warm weather just blends in with warmer weather.  Naturally, because this is Pittsburgh, it’s grey and raining again today, but still….Sunday….

Second thing on the list, this weekend I spent 4 hours making weird faces and getting smacked in the face with Holi powder…. Voluntarily. It’s all for a good reason and it’s a project chock-full of awesome people. I will talk about it soon, but fear not, you will love it. For now you can just picture me having cups of neon pink Holi powder thrown in my face. Here’s a teaser:

oh yeah...
oh yeah…

Ok, enough housekeeping and me being a weirdo, on to shopping.  I’ve already mentioned some of the big online stores.  I started there because they’re usually the ones with the shipping deals and subscription programs etc., but they don’t have some of my favorite brands.

There are a few brands that only sell through their own websites, or smaller retailers, so I have to share those resources too.


The Favorites:

1. Spirit Beauty Lounge: Spirit Beauty Lounge is one of the first and certainly one of the best stores out there.  They have one of the larger selection of brands, is an overall attractive site, the owner takes the most attractive selfies I have ever seen (unlike me), and they have some guides to help you choose the right products for you.  The biggest reason they’re number 1 though? SAMPLES.  That’s right, they’re one of the few online stores with a samples program.  If you can’t try something before you buy like you do in other brick and mortar stores, why are you going to invest in a product , particularly an expensive foundation , or serum?  This solves that problem.  She doesn’t have a brick and mortar location, but I have a feeling it’s only a matter of time.

Spirit Beauty Lounge
Spirit Beauty Lounge


2. Epic Beauty Bar: One of the reason I like this store so much is because of the guides.  They don’t just include Oily, Dry, Sensitive etc.  They also categorize products based on the different KINDS of combination skins, Dry & Acne, Oily & Acne, etc. As well as by concern: wrinkles, dark circles, acne etc.  You can go straight to the kind of product you want.  Secondly, they don’t have a TON of brands but they do have a big enough selection to include my favorites.  La Bella Figura, Wedderspoon Manuka Honey, Mun, May Lindstrom…all brands I don’t have to think twice about ordering.

Epic Beauty Bar
Epic Beauty Bar


3.Clementine Fields: This store is top notch for many reasons. They have MANY of my favorite brands: La Bella Figura, CV Skinlabs, Vered, One Love Organics, and somehow through the Green Beauty Gods, also sells many of Osmia Organics products (OO were usually, and up until recently, only been found on their own site).  They also have a sample program, including LBF products (truthfully, any one who carries LBF is a favorite of mine) with generous sized samples.  The only problem for Yinzers and American green beauties is that they are based in Canada, so shipping takes longer and is more expensive.  Now, I still purchase from there, their product selection is great, and it is quick relative to Canadian shipping, but I usually wait until I’m sure on a few products then come back and purchase.

Clementine Fields
Clementine Fields


Honorable Mention:

NuboNau: This store is the sweet spot between boutique and Amazon. They have like 60 brands, some cleaner than others, on their site and ship within 24 hours.  They have some great brands that are harder to find Like Studio Paris 78, as well as one’s that are often found in whole foods like Juice Beauty, making it easy to get a mix of high and low-end products.  This store also has a mix of products. It has makeup, skin care, bath oils, room scents, books and, candles.  Here’s the kicker.  Right now they’re moving to a new location, but keep an eye out for their come back, it should be soon.



Eco Diva Beauty: Garcy, the owner (with her mother) is another master of the selfier* and is awesome to keep in touch with on Social Media, you really feel like a part of the store.  From the time that I’ve been involved with greening* my routine up her store has grown, which is great to see.  She’ll show you what a product looks like on her skin if you ask, and her packaging is super glam with a black box and luxe packaging.  You also have the option to donate to a cause when you purchase from her. ALWAYS a great thing.  The only reason she’s on my honorable mention instead of top 3 is for a few simple reasons. EDB is a Canadian company, so again shipping costs are higher and I prefer to support American if I can; her skin is Super pale, so it’s great to see the product, but for me personally, it’s not a great reference for what it will look like on me; and finally I’m not a diva or glam.  This is THE store for you if that’s your personality, and it’s a store you should at the very least follow and keep your eye on. If you ARE glam, go here, it’s where your people are.

* Within Five minutes, Max, of posting this Garcy replied via Twitter (I told you, amazing), and reminded me they have free shipping to the US over $50. BOOM.

Eco Diva Beauty
Eco Diva Beauty


The New Kids:

Pemberley Jones: This store is a new one coming from blogger and artist Pemberley Jones.  Her style is very graphic, artistic, and fun.  Her packaging and branding is also sport on with edgy polka dots (that’s a thing right?!) and some cool brands like Meow Meow Tweet and Caru that you don’t see in other stores.  The other great thing about her store is that there is a mix of product in terms of high and low. For instance, Heritage rose-water is an industry favorite toner and at $6 for a 4 oz. spray bottle is an amazing purchase.  I in fact just pushed this on some to buy this past weekend. Lina Hanson Face Serum is an olfactory adventure as well as high performing luxe product that is well worth the $85 you spend on it.  Here, you can buy both.

Pemberley Jones
Pemberley Jones

BeauTeaBar: This is a fairly new store ,online only, that has a great selection of tried and true brands like May Lindstrom and LBF, as well as some under the radar brands like Fig + Yarrow and Habitat Nails that haven’t made the mainstream yet, but are high quality products.  The other great aspect of the store is that it has, as the name would suggest, Teas.  Your body is like a bank, if it’s good what you put in it is a deposit, if it’s bad it’s a withdrawal. (don’t worry I won’t talk about banking, all I will say is ‘ALL HAIL SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN’) Teas are one of those things you can deposit into your body throughout the day to improve health, hydration, and aromatherapy.  I start my day with coffee and end with tea. I’m interested to see where the stores grows to.





I apologize for credit card bills and angry spouses.  Just think, better to support this industry and these women than other companies damaging your body and the planet.



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10 thoughts on “Where to Shop

  1. This was a great list of resources! Just when I thought I knew all the spots, I learn about even more! Thanks so much!

    1. So glad I was able to introduce you to some more. I love all these stores listed. Do you have any to share?! I’d love to learn about more than I didn’t know about!

      1. I’ve been really enjoying http://www.truthinaging.com. I’m only 32 but all I think about is anti-aging products, hehe. It’s one of the first sites I’ve been to that has great reviews and lots of information. And then there’s the less “pretty” site like iherb.com that sells some nice “budget” skincare lines. 🙂

      2. Truthinaging.com is a great site with A LOT of information, and helped inspire me to write my own, I’ve done all this research and I wanted to share what I’ve learned from places like TIA and more. As to anti-aging, I’m right behind you , so I know what you’re saying , but remember, there is incredible wisdom and power in age, and we’re more than just wrinkles , or the lack there of! see you around here!!

  2. Thank you so much for the mention of Epic Beauty Bar, Sue! I very much appreciate all your love and support. (By the way, your website is gorgeous.) Feel free to email me if you need anything.

    ~Steph xo

  3. Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon on a daily basis.
    It’s always exciting to read content from other authors and use
    a little something from their websites.

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