Terrible Selfies

I’m doing this on a Friday banking on the fact that people wont be reading this blog as much as on other days.  I’m hoping this because I’m about to put stupid pictures of myself of the internet.


If you see me on Instagram you may often find me posting about awesome products and make up looks and my dogs (mostly my dogs), but I don’t always take good pictures and I think it’s important when talking about beauty and yourself to not propagate this idea that I always look like those pictures. 7 times out of 10 i look at the image and go: “dear God no” and hit ‘delete’ as fast as possible.

Green beauty, in its essence, is about naturalness in both ingredients and who you are.  It is intrinsically tied to nutrition, self-love, kindness, and inner beauty (suck on that toxic beauty). By only putting myself out there as attractive and put together it is inherently a lie and not naturally me. I, in fact, take mostly, TERRIBLE selfies and pictures.

It is important we understand as women and as people, you do not have to be attractive, or present yourself as attractive ALWAYS. Who you are is always good enough.  

You are always so much more
than your body, or face.


Now on to what you really read all that for…me embarrassing myself.

Enjoy, make stupid faces, and Have a GREAT weekend.

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2 thoughts on “Terrible Selfies

  1. Am I weird for thinking you’re gorgeous like I’ve told you…Ava Gardner. I think it’s strange you don’t like your selfies. You look retro movie starish to me…and I have incredibly good taste!

    1. Katie, You are not weird for thinking I’m gorgeous. In fact I completely trust your judgement and taste. It’s more ‘selfie’s’ don’t come naturally, they’re work like finding the right angle and face and even then I think it doesn’t seem like ‘me’. I’m more comfortable with the goofy strange faces. I also thought it was important that since I’m talking about beauty, that I don’t propagate the idea that I’m always like that , or should be.

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