Where to Shop


“But Sue, I have a gift card to  ___________ beauty store I can’t just let it go to waste”


I hear you my peoples but my response is two things:

  1. yes you can. BOOM. simple. don’t support them.
  2. I cannot turn down gifts for free shopping so I don’t assume others can too, but there are some hidden (very hidden) gems out there that you can use.

I had a very good friend ask me this question once and I then lost 4 hours of my life researching this. Embarassing facts about Sue #1…

This time warp of beauty research did however get some great resources if you ever in the position where you need to shop somewhere dirty (snicker), but want to #gogreen. It also addresses the issue of convenience when you want a green beauty product RIGHTTHISSECOND.


Look I get why people like Sephora. I too used to enjoy  Sephora going in and trying things and getting help from people with an insane amount of makeup (to be fair, I don’t blame them, if I didn’t care about my skin and worked in Sephora I would go nuts and put everything on my face too.  ALSO, tolerance, let them be who they be).   Here’s why I don’t like Sephora….

  1. Created by? A MAN.
  2. CEO? A MAN.
  3. Skin care experts don’t know that much about the ingredients in products or combinations of products.
  4. They have approximately 654,457,127 products and all of them are amazing? NOPE. You still have to do your research before.No honest reviews in-store
  5. CEO? A MAN.

Anyways, sometimes you miss the old days of going to the candy store like shop, or sometimes you have a gift certificate, or sometimes you ran out and this is the closest place here’s a gallery of products for you to use!


Some people don’t like Ulta because they have Covergirl, Maybelline, etc. in the store and it’s not the posh experience they were hoping for.This doesn’t bother me, not to mention there’s a great range of Green Products, More than you’d expect…. check them out in the gallery below!

But what about_______?


I knew it! I knew you were going to ask me that!  There were many many brands at these two locations that were MOSTLY green, clean, or organic.  Here’s the thing. Spend what you have to there, then get out and get those products that aren’t mostly green they’re TRULY green.


Now get on it and #gogreen


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