A Special Friday Announcement

It’s the freakin weekend baby 

I’m about to have me some fun

Crystal poppin in the stretch Navigator
We got food every where 
As if the party was catered

You know what…I apologize for the R.Kelly interlude. Total Ass.

Unfortunately it’s actually the only song that pops into my head when I think about the weekend.


 I commit to this to you right now, no more R.Kelly on this blog. Never the two shall meet again.


This is a special post because I wanted to tell you about the new feature on the blog:

The ‘Help me Go Green’ Feature:

need help post

I decided to create this feature because I was frequently having the same conversation:

“I want to go green, and change these things, but I don’t know where to start, and whats right for me”

I have done so much reading, and testing, and sharing information with other bloggers that I thought I could help easily and efficiently and cut through a lot of the volume that’s out there. And with my TEAM to back me up, I know I can provide a lot of great information and guidance that is specifically for the individual.

Go check out the page and I hope hear from you soon Greenert…..oh alright I’ll stop.

have a GREAT weekend.

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