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So if you’ve been reading this blog from it’s inception, and doing some research looking at the links and books that have been mentioned, and if I do my math correctly (very possible it’s completely wrong) you should be freaking out in 3….2….1….


There’s no need to freak out too much, especially if you commit to at the very least READING THE INGREDIENT LIST.  If I accomplish nothing else with this blog other than to create a sensation of READING THE DAMN LABEL every time you pick up a product, I ain’t mad at that.

Now that you’re committed to this change you want to know what store to shop at right? I had the same question but I want to warn you, these products are everywhere and nowhere. Which is why I made these lists. Instead of having you roam the entire internet trying to find these problems, I put together lists of where to find what you’re looking for.

First up is the big online stores; the range is limited but they often have great shipping, membership and/or coupon deals. The other great aspect of big online stores is that you can get products BESIDES beauty like food, supplements, yoga mats, etc.

First Up:


You can almost always get some percentage off your order and has free shipping for orders over $20.00.

A selection of brands found on iherb.com:

Skin & Body Care

Beauty Supplements Food
Sibu Beauty EcoTools Now Foods Eden Foods
Nubian Heritage Physician’s Formula Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Just A Leaf
Now Foods Everyday Minerals Nutiva Barbara’s Bakery
Cococare Badger Company Nature’s Way Made in Nature
Logona Derma E Bragg Purity Farms
Aubrey Organics Honeybee Gardens Nature Made Yummy Earth
Heritage MyChelle Navitas Naturals Annie’s Naturals
Desert Essence Ecco Bella Madre Labs Arrowhead Mills
Earth Mama Angel Baby Piggy Paint Nature’s Plus Chocolove
AuraCacia Bdellium Tools Sambazon Simply Organic
Weleda Real Purity ChildLife Edward & Sons
Jason Natural Benecos Nutrex


& More!

Next up:

hero_abes_market-454x367Abe’s Market is first off, an attractive site, you don’t mind spending time there and they have supplemental information, workout tips, and recipes on their site as well.  The product brand selection is good, especially for facial skin care,  and moves into the mid-range products as well as lower price products unlike iherb.com which is all lower range products, the site also has a great sense of humor and includes discounts like 10% off, or free shipping.

A selection of brands found on abe’smarket.com:

Skin & Body Care





 Blissoma Windy City Organics Vigilant Eats

Dr. Bronner

DR. SPONGE Health Warrior

Two Moms In The Raw

Aloe Cadabra

 Raw.Skin.Ceuticals Tera’s Whey

The Ginger People


Sequoia Beauty Spectrum Essentials

Cocomama Foods

Nittany Valley Organics

 One Love Organics  Nutiva

Fiona’s Natural Foods

Valley Green Naturals

 One Love Organics Pukka Herbs

Snackle Mouth


Aura Cacia

Barlean’s Organic Oils

Quinoa Corporation

Desert Essence Honeybee Gardens Antho


Avalon Organics

Mineral Hygienics

Earth Circle Organics

Pamela’s Products

BIOselect by Erythis, Inc.

Karma Naturals

FoodScience of Vermont

Bob’s Red Mill

Flourish Natural Bodycare

Piggy Paint Rich Nature

Seeds of Change

My Konjac Sponge


Foods Alive

Goodbody Baked Goods

& More!

GO explore these sites and breath easy my friends, no need to freak out.

I got your back.

There are more sites coming up on next post as well! Like I said there’s a lot of options out there , and I’m going to help you navigate it!

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