Your New Best Friend

Do You Know Caroline Hirons?!Caroline Hirons Skin Guru and overall Bad Ass

If you don’t. You should.

If it wouldn’t be completely certifiable I would make a shrine to her.

I found her through awesome Canadian green beauty blogger Megan at Seed to Serum.

Here are reason’s to love Caroline and why you should follow her as well:

  • She is hilarious.  It’s skin care knowledge with a side of sarcasm, my favorite meal.  Example:“Use a face flannel and water to remove. Unless you are ALLERGIC TO WATER (which I have heard from clients before – sigh) there is no need to cotton/tissue off. This is 2011 not a Doris Day film. Wash your face people. Imagine only ever using tissue or cotton on your bum. Exactly”


  • She is really responsive to readers questions and comment.  Many times comments are left on blog posts and a writer doesn’t get back to a person (I get it people are busy, it’s hard to respond to , but Caroline responds to MANY and she is a super busy skin care professional.
  • She knows what the hell she’s talking about. Know what I was going the other weekend?

Yup hung out with my dogs under a comforter

Know what she was going the other weekend? prepped skin backstage for a Stella McCartney Show.


Caroline has fantastic information about how to take care of your skin and a great place to start on her website, which can seem overwhelming at first is her cheat sheet guides on the right side of her page, A great place to start:

Top Tips for Great Skin

Caroline often uses conventional skin care products but she does have some great clean options on there that combined with her tips will give you some knock out, HEALTHY, skin.  Here are some of her recommended clean products she mentions:

Tracie Martyn
Black Chicken Remedies
First Aid Beauty
Prtty Peaushun
Aurelia Probiotic Skincare
RMS Beauty
MV organic skincare
Neal’s Yard


So go please please please please please please please please please please please please please please go spend some time with Caroline and get amazing skin. I know my skin is much better when I listen to to her.

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