The lady stripped bare: Tracey Spicer at TEDxSouthBankWomen

If you’ve got  15 minutes to spare, or to listen while, doing other things on the computer (blog checking for instance) here’s a great video from Tracey Spicer about the time we spend on beauty, what we put on our bodies, and why we do it.

The lady stripped bare: Tracey Spicer at TEDxSouthBankWomen

Here’s some takeaways:

  1. All of those terrible things that go into the products she talked about? they aren’t in green beauty products!  As each individual person looks to find their balance with using these products on a daily basis, you can at least know that these products aren’t only not bad for you, they’re nourishing, and that’s a huge difference in the message between non-toxic beauty and toxic beauty. Green Beauty nourishes who you are, toxic beauty changes who you are.
  2. Green beauty and make up can be a lot of fun. Cat eye’s, high drama contouring, smokey eyes, a punch of red for the lips…but green beauty is never about needing to be provocative, and certainly never at the expense of your health.  Most green beauties out there have a maximum approach to skin/health care and a minimal approach to makeup having fun when they want to.
  3. Green beauties care about the world we live in, and so do the companies that make the products. Can you ethically source ingredients from Morocco (LOOKING AT YOU KATHERINE L’HEUREUX!!) and not give a damn about those women at the same time? You cannot.  If you purchase that product rather than using a sub-par product made off the back of unknown and underpaid workers, can you not care about other people, and mostly other women, who pick the products for you? You cannot.

We should always look into ourselves and ask why we do something, and that certainly extends to your beauty and skin care regimen, but if you are thinking about joining this community let me tell you right now somethings I know as truth about you:

  • You, who you inherently are, is very very amazing, without any kind of product,
  • You are an ethical human being
  • You are invested in your future, the future of others, and the future of every child out there
  • You can wear no wrong makeup; whether it’s a slight touch of bronzer or a face full of black gel liner (I don’t know why you’d put it on your whole face but it’s your jam dude), it’s never wrong
  • You are surrounded by a lot of women in this community who know intrinsically who you are, by these choices you make



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