Quick Change: The Basics

So you’ve been doing some research, and reading all of the craziness that surrounds the cosmetics industry, and you’re starting to get a liiiiiiiitle freaked out, possibly angry, but you can’t overhaul everything in one feel swoop. Maybe you can, let’s be friends…

I feel ya.

There are three quick make up switches that you can change fast, easy, and without going bankrupt that will get you through most of your makeup needs:

  1. Mascara – Why is it important to have green mascara you ask? IMMEDIATELY NEXT TO YOUR EYEBALL WHOSE BLOOD VESSELS TRAVEL QUICKLY TO YOUR HEART (true story actually. You can detect disease through your eye).  It’s one of the dirtiest products out there, but now there are more green choices than ever.
  2. Lipstick/Lip Gloss/Lip Balm – This is a no brainier. You literally ingest what you put on your lips.  I’m a lover of bold lip colors, and a true red makes me feel like I can be a Nuclear Physicist (I most definitely CANNOT by the way, that’s why my best friend is one….not kidding!), or fix congress (is that even fixable?!), or lure my husband to me from the distance of a football field;  in short it can make me feel like a bad ass, but if it HAS LEAD IN IT I don’t want it.  Luckily there are great color options from bold to subdued and everything in between.
  3. Foundation/ Concealer/ BB Creams/ Tinted Moisturizer – This is another easy one to understand.  Foundation goes over your entire face.  Concealer is used to conceal things, like blemishes, cuts , other forms of open/absorbent skin.  Well the good news is that for as many toxic options that are out there, there are green versions to match. Powders, creams, liquids, sticks, pots, good lord it never ends.


There’s a lot to talk about with these products, so I’ll start one by one.  I just assumed you didn’t want to read a 1,239,635 word blog post…

Would you like me to tell you what I use???



Mascara: my go to everyday mascara is  Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Fake Out Mascara.

The pros?  It’s easy to find.  You forget and need it? It can be found in many grocery stores and convenience stores that have a makeup sections.  The clean-‘er’ make up section is usually teenyteenyteeny, but it’s there.  Also It can be found in many bulk shipping/online locations so if you’re online shopping for succulents, seaweed chips, historical romance novels and shoes (only me? WEIRD) you can put in your mascara too.  I of course speak of Amazon, but there’s also iherb.com (use ZMD217 code for a discount on your first order: booyah), and others sites too, just Google that sucker.  It’s a favorite among many-a-blogger and the lashes it gives you are long AND lush.  I’ve seen reviews where it’s mentioned as dry, but I haven’t found it to be the case.

First, you’re probably pumping the wand in the container (there’s a dirty-clean-beauty-joke in there somewhere), STOP IT, DAMN IT. It just dries it out.  Second, if it happens, drop a few eye drops in your container and watch….MAGIC.

* If you are a luxury mascara person, which I’m not…yet, here are some you should try that if I WAS in the market for I’d lay some (read: MANY) penny’s for since they’ve received rave reviews from people I trust implicitly:
  1. Kjaer Weis – The whole company is luxe from the product design to the quality of design. In the past I haven’t been a fan of smaller brushes like this one, but it’s still a great product to try.  The best part of this brand is they are refillable!  You buy the chrome case once, then refill.  TRULY green ($38).
  2. Couleur Caramel – From what I’ve heard from other bloggers that I trust implicitly they’re the best for volume, have multiple colors as well as ($24.25).
  3. RMS Beauty – These babies are BRAND SPANKING NEW.  So not a lot of online reviews, but the brand as a whole has some amazing products (I own like 283 of them if I’m rounding…down), so it’s a safe bet in terms of trying one out and getting a good product.  The only problem I see? They make you choose: volumizing, or lengthening….uh….is both please and thank you($28).
  4. Zuzu Luxe in Onyx – this is my go to every day mascara.  It gives full long lashes (totally recommend curling first) doesn’t flake, reasonably priced, easily found online and in Whole Foods stores, and has a slightly sweet smell. WIN WIN WIN.


Which one to choose?!?

Up Next??
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