Journey To The Green Side

My journey to the green side started with armpits.  Not joking, and yes I’m aware that the second time I’m talking with you and I’m talking about my armpits…but we’re in this together now.

My skin has always been sensitive and reactive and this was most prevalent with deodorant, because as it may surprise some of you, there is often tons of terrible products that irritate  and inhibit what’s going on in your armpits.  I began to go cleaner and cleaner with the products that I was using but would go back to the toxic products until I realized something:

Click on the picture above to see how nasty this deodorant is! If you want to lose a few hours, check all the other products you use too.

60% of what is put ON your skin , goes IN your skin and when you shave, you commonly shave off very thin layers of your skin allowing product quicker access to sub-layers of skin. WHY AM I PUTTING ALUMINUM AND OTHER TOXIC PRODUCTS INCREDIBLY CLOSE TO MY LYPMHNODES, a place where cancer is commonly found.

So I made a decision.

I commit to a greener lifestyle, or I learn to be OK with putting those chemicals into my body. Well… turns out I’m not OK with unregulated chemicals partying in my body… and won’t be, so I committed to greening (yes that’s a real verb) everything.

Slowly but surely I went from deodorant & to diet, to skin care, and to makeup.  There’s a lot of information and products out there and I was learning and continue to learn more and more everyday.

This site is a culmination of it all and a resource for those who are interested in their own green journey, or hearing about someone elses.

So tell me, how’d you start to green your routine?  What are your biggest concerns?

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